DRZ problem?

Hey was having a small problem today on the drz...

A few days ago was riding some singletrack and bike kept bogging a bit then stalling. It would then take a good 10-15 cranks to get it going again.

This happened maybe 20 times in a row, was really bugging me.

Today, was doubling wiht my woman up a pretty rough service road and it was REALLY bogging down and then stalling. Finally wouldnt start again. I looked down and saw gas pouring out of the vent tube at the top of the carb. On the left side. Every time i tryed to crank it, gas would come pouring out. This hose is at the top of the carb so i assume the carb was full right to the top with gas. I put the bike level then unscrewed the drain plug...gas drained out of the carb forever!. After that it fired up and I didnt have a problem for the rest of the day but it has kind of got me worried.

Is it that my float is stuck? Gunk somewhere in the carb plugging a jet?

BTW the carb is totally stock, a bit too tight around here havent got the DJ kit yet. Elevation about 2000 ft..i ride to about 6000 ft or more... not sure exactly what my elevation was at the time.

Maybe I could get one of those 5ish word consice burned answers :naughty:

There was dirt in the float valve holding it open. If it is OK now, it probably flushed out the dirt when you drained it. Good to go.

Well it was happening for a while..then stopped..then happening again. Maybe I should pull the carb off the bike and see?

Change the main and pilot while I'm at it perhaps. Will work untill i can afford the dj kit.

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