Looking for help from Texas.

I am looking at a frame for a crf 450 on ebay that is from Texas. The purpose of buying this would to be to make my wifes California bike street legal. so i guess my question is how hard is it to make a bike street legal in Texas. I could do it in AZ but I would have to haul the bike there where if I bought a frame from Texas it would allready be registered there. When you convert a bike in Texas do they need to check to make sure the brake lite and the headlight work? or can i just fly out and pay the fees at the DMV and Fly back home with a plate?

If you change the state that it is registered in, the new state WILL need to see it to verify the VIN.

Why do you need to change the frame? Is her bike stolen? You could just register her current bike elsewhere. What's a little drive to AZ?

nope the bike is not stolen. But the drive to AZ would be about 16 hrs. The drive to Nevada is closer but requires a lot more to get it registered there.

In Texas you need to get a safety chk once a year. You would need to take the bike to a motor cycle shop that will do the inspection(Horn,speedo,brake lite and so on).With your bike you will need proof of insurance and moto endorsement. Some shops are ez some are not. The last time I had a bike inspected I think it cost $12.00.

You can not regaster a bike till you get the safety chk.

My wife is in the airforce and are last stop was Texas. We have two cars and two bikes with Texas plates. The cool thing about the inspection is that once you get it, its up to you to keep it up to date. Once a year I get my renewal for my plate in the mail,its up to me to go get an inspection sticker. SOOOOOO as long as I am not in Texas, I don't need an inspection sticker on my car/bike.

I hope this helps



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