Larger Pilot Jet for TTR 250?

Has anyone figured out where to get a larger pilot jet for the 250? I have an assortment or main jets but need to get a larger pilot jet as my air screw is out 4+ turns which supposedly means that I should put in a larger pilot jet.

My current setup is a 2005 ttr 250 with a procircuit t4 exhaust and uni air filter with the elbow removed. I currently am running a 140 main jet with the needle raised one notch. I can tell that I need to put in a larger main jet in too since my top end is kinda flat (my midrange is great though).

I got my pilot jet at roadrider motorcycle shop in san jose. If you take take the pilot jet out any shop should be able to find a matching bigger one. I run a 55 pilot (stock was a 50), 140 main, and the needle in the stock position. I also took the "elbow" (its actually called a snorkel) out and cut a 3X3 hole in the airbox. Runs awesome with zero bog and nice overrev (lets just say 3rd gear wheelies are now do-able). Dude, dont forget to back the throttle stop out. Also are you running the endcap that came with the T-4 or are you running any of the optional ones???

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