Yep, another which one is the best knockoff thread!!!!

Whats up Party People!

Apologies ahead of time for this post, maybe everyones getting tired of these, but i just want hear what everyone here thinks of these puppies, in one place.

Aight so this is my 1st post hear. Im trying to do research before i drop a grand+ on a little bike. I have no problems with this, i just want to get one thats going to be as reliable and upgradable as possible and as quality as possible. I know these hopped knock offs are gonna have little things that go wrong with them here and there, i just wanna minimize this, if you know what i mean. I gots no problems with replacing a few things here and there, thats just how these bikes go, i guess. Im not gonna be racing it and getting all crazy on the jumps, at least not anytime soon. Ima just be tooling around on the streets and trails, tracks, etc. My homie got an SDG and after a month his kickstarter broke inside the case. So no SDG for me. I dont want a stock 50, then fix it up, beacause (1) im lazy, (2)im lazy, and (3)for a few hundo more i can have a pretty rad little bike.

The ones im looking at:

Has anyone seen this one?:

here too:

I dont know about this one, might be cheesy, or might not.

Then this one i have no idea:

Sorry Only one picture still works. Found another picture of one here, somewhere. I cant find shit about these on the internet. I could get a really good deal on one of these from this ebay dude, off ebay of course, and i have to pick it up. No Clue about these though.


Umm, not to sure about these either. Really nice price for lots of stuff, Seems almost to good to be true at the prices they go for. I saw the dumponathump website and it seems suspect. Is it me or is there no way to submit your own bad experiences? Leads me to believe that somesthings not right there. They MIght be nice, though. People like to bag on them, but some defend them all the time. The swingarm seems weird to me. Its seems like they're too cheap for the amount of stuff you get with them.

Im mostly looking at a Sikk 107 or 125, Xtreme CRII, or an Icon 90x.

Sikks --seem like they are reliable, or from what what im reading so far. Seems like a cheap, maybe better SDG? NO kill switch?

CRII--Xtremes been around for a minute, and they've been making improvements, so me likes that. Plus the new bike seems like it'd really fun. But whats the deal with the disc brake being on the front not the rear? Coulnt I just switch the wheels around if i wanted that?

Icon 90x--Its my impression that im getting that these seem to be the most reliable, i could be wrong though. Maybe im thinking well built. Seems real nice.

Am i missing any others worth looking at? I know redcat. Sugarpacketcreations? anything else?

Any opinions, ideas, corrections, experiences, neccessary mods or things to look out for, feel free. I want to hear it all. its my intention to get an open discussion on these bike as they're flooding the market, & more are to come soon. So we could maybe have like a list of all the different ones and some opinions thrown in for for good measure, thats if everyones down.

thanks yall.



get the xtreme

Watch Out For The Tranny

Some Go All The Way From Fourth To First With One Shift ...bad Times Thats All You Need To Watch For !!! But Its Very Imporntant!!

Watch Out For The Tranny

The Xtreme tranny?

Mate they are nearly all made in China and made to a price, and if the bike aint made in China then most its parts are. They all seem to have their own little quirks. Personally id buy one that has a spare parts backup, as without that you have a $1000 sinker to go fishing. Go to the races you will soon see that the same few brands seem to win. Thumpstar and SDG being the front runners. The SDG looks better quality but the thumpster is definitely better value and so far SDG have no real reply that I am aware of to the new Thumpstar 125 Pro. The Pro 125 wont make you suddenly win, but its certainly got more power and handles well indeed.


From personal experience I can tell you that the ICON 90X is a great bike. Relaible, soild, lots of grunt. I sold mine to my brother to get a pair of SIKK MX 120s. My Icon had 20+ hours with NO issues!!!

The SIKK MX bikes are fantastic, The ONLY things that I will be changeing on the bikes is graphics and a 12" rear. Everthing else is already really well thought out. A 120 is a chit-load of power going through a 10" tire, it gets going really fast! SO far 2+ hours with no issues.

ANY bike you get will need a very complete "going-over" EVERY not, bolt, pivot point, etc will need to be checked and loc-tited!


REFLEXX :naughty:

Im kinda leaning toward a Either a Sikk 107/120 or CR2. Although the Icon 90 does look tempting.

Im assuming that any motor/tranny, etc type part you'd need you would just get from the bike's respective company? So as long as they still are in existance, you can get replacements. As for aftermarket upgrade parts, are these guys (90x,CR2, SIkk) readily compatible with most of the diff companies parts out there?

But ive been thinking, isnt getting upwards of 120cc's borderline unmini-like? I mean they're for sure definitely still lots of fun. Just a thought i guess.

Why once over all the bolts, nuts, etc? Is this because of shipping, or half-assed-ness assembly at the Chinese factory?

Im semi new to all this minimadness. I got plenty of hours logged in on Excitebike & Motocross Maniacs though! I rode my homies SDG and i got instantly hooked so i decided i had to get one myself. Im just doing my research first. So i appreciate all the input dudes.

I get that any bike, even maybe a honda will have its little things that you got to deal with. But like you said Condog, i dont want to buy a $1000 piece of fishing equipment, so ask the community at large because i dont know too many mini riders, personally. Like i said i just want to minimize these little quirks.

I found this one the other day, mentioned somewhere on here:

Seems kinda cool. has an adjustable rear shock. Im kinda tempted...

Has anyone ever bought a bike over the internet, shipped to their house, without ever actually seeing it in person first? If so how did that go? Any bad experiences? Im assuming alot of people might do this because not everyone lives near a dealer that has every China knock off in stock.


So Reflexx, do you think that 120 is overkill for a mini? Or am i just blowing ish out of of proportion?

A 120 or 125 is virtually the same money as a 70, 90, 107 and dont forget they are four stroke so a 120 is still only like a 60 two stroke. My 6year old sons KTM 50 Pro Senior pulls about 11.9 hp. A 125cc Thumpstar pulls about 8hp. So get the 120 or 125.

I cant say anything about the others good or bad but I have had my Thumpstar 107 cc for a couple of months and nothing has gone wrong with it. I would highly recomend it great little bike for the price. That dump on a thump site is pure B.S.


120cc's is just more grunt to use when necessary! I rode a 50 and just too much work to get going up to "adult speed"

These things are a blast out of corners 'cuz you can lift a tire and use your rear to steer.

They do suck in sand and dunes (no matter what brand). The 10 or 12 inch rims are just too small. They do rock in the dirt!


Hey redcat r9-x has licenced motor from honda, oldrooster got 1 and he seemed pretty happy. The reason why redcat has a licenced motor is because there motor is ALMOST identical(or as they say) to honda's.

P.S. I never said get a redcat, but just look into them


P.S sikk125's are supposed to have no spark after a hour of riding

That dump on a thump site is pure B.S.

Tell me if dat works or ya ray

get an SDG

Tell me if dat works or ya ray

that site is all based on there 04 model which was shit, the 05 model is their best bike so far, i have see a pic of the 06 bike it's going to blitz every thing.

The dumponathump page, is way way funny to look at, but i dont take it serious at all. I mean some dude decided to spend his free time and hard earned money for the address, just to bag on a little toy bike, that's what makes it so funny.

No-Fear: you cant just mention something like that and not give a link to the pic, so lets have it! If they are really improving the product, thats a good thang and i approve.(as if that means anything.)

SDG might be a little out of my price range. Me being american and all about instant gratification, i cant wait all that time while i save up. By the time I save up enough the dollar would probably be more valuable as toilet paper. Ill have to buy it with gold nuggets.

The Redcat seems cool, Too much red stuff going on on that bike for me. I know the cosmetics dont mean shit, its just too much damn red. Im not a big fan of red, some reds ok, but thats just Like European dudes with mullets wearing speedos at the beach, way overboard. I am likin the sikk107, though.

condog: That makes perfect sense now that i think about it, it seems so obvious now that that was a stupid question.

Reflexx: I want like 20 inch rims with spinners, and a whistle tip for the exhaust, ape hangers and a sissy bar. Those would be my 1st upgrades for any bike i got,oh and a side car and suicide shifter. You think its doable?


For some reason i cant stop looking at your avatar. I dont know why but its totally hypnotizing me!!!

No-Fear: you cant just mention something like that and not give a link to the pic, so lets have it! If they are really improving the product, thats a good thang and i approve.(as if that means anything.)

when i got my thumpstar, the dealer had a pic of what the swing arm is going to look like :naughty:

Buy one of those cheap crappy chinese knockoffs at Pepboys, take the money you saved and rent MX videos....

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