Free wheels: a good deal?

I'm driving around the other day and what to my woundering eyes should apear but two dirt bike wheels, a front and a rear. They were out by the trash, I went up to the house and asked the young lady what they were about. "Go ahead and take them" she said. Her husband told her they were no good. "What kind of bike did they come from?" asked I. "Dirt bike." she replied. Ahh, "what kind of dirt bike?" "Orange". Hum.

So I have a free set of KTM wheels (spokes hubs rims tubes and tires that are prety well shot). Will these things bolt up to the DRZ? Should I try and get KTM rotors and sprockets? Are the axels and spacers compatable witht the DRZ? CaN they be laced onto a DRZ hub? (The front KTM wheel is 36 spokes). Thanks guys.


uh, you can try ta just put em on ta see if they fit, highly doubt that they will though....buyin rotors and sprockets would cost alot and probably wouldnt work....but hey, free wheels, i say sell em or dare i say, trade someone for some DRZ ones lol

BEHR rims? Check and see if a DRZ axle is a direct fit. If so then yes you can retrofit them to a DRZ with the right custom made spacers.

Probably cant lace the rims to DRZ hubs. Different lacing pattern.

go find a KTM to match! better yet, a free one!

Free wheels: a good deal?

:naughty: "heck, yes" it's a good deal, free :naughty:

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