Dumped my Honda POS250X, got a KTM!

Ok sorry to all the Honda fans with my title post :naughty: I purchased a 2005 crf250x in November and thought I had the perfect bike. It was fast, light, and the suspension was great. Well about one month later I started to have a problem starting it. I do not race, but just ride casually with friends in the trails. This got worse and I brought the bike to the shop. I had to replace the piston, piston rings, piston pin, 2 intake valves, 4 valve seats, 2 valve guides, and the camshaft. At this time my bike had close to 800 miles on it and was needing a $925.00 repair with parts and labor. After speaking with the mechanic, then calling a few other mechanics at local shops, I found that this is common with that bike. When I picked up the bike I was expressing my how I felt about this, and the mechanic told me that his is just the way the bike is and I will probably see him in another 800-1k miles with the same problem.

Well I started to look for a new bike and wanted a bigger bike. I just picked up a 525 EXC and just love it. I am hopping that this will not have the problems of the Honda. I know all bikes have problems, but that just seemed extreme for a new bike. I have only put 70 miles on my bike this weekend, but love it so far. The seat is a little stiff, but that is really my only complaint. I was really worried about how it would do in trails, but it does great. The weight not much more than my 250x, but the power is just incredible. Anyway, glad to see this forum and hope to post some more soon.



Sorry to hear about the Honda, but you will definitely love the KTM 525 :naughty: As far as the 'stiff' seat goes, check out www.gutsracing.com , your arse will thank you!

I too am sorry to hear about your Honda. But you won't have any worries with the KTM. The 525's will go for years without ever seeing a valve face or piston, as long as you keep up on the maint. Regular oil changes and the occasional valve adjust.

Assuming the bike is an 04 or newer, get the complete seat from enduro engineering. It gets rave reviews. None of the other complete seats get consistently good reviews so I'd go with the Guts foam otherwise.

Your service manager knows what he was talking about. 800 to1000 mile rebuilds on the CRF 250 engine are the NORM. Honda has also convined many of there loyal following that that is acceptable and unfortunately will still probably sell every one they produce. MY next ride will also be orange....I cannot wait :naughty:

Sorry to hear about the Honda, but you will definitely love the KTM 525 :naughty: As far as the 'stiff' seat goes, check out www.gutsracing.com , your arse will thank you!

Thanks for the head up on the guts. I just orderd the complete comfort seat they sell. I thought about just changing the foam, but that comfort seat just sounded nice. My friend just purchased a 450 KTM EXC the day after me and has ordered the EE complete seat. I will let you know which one I like better once we both get them.



The EE seat looks softer but also bulkier. I would be worried about how aggressive could you ride witha seat that is too soft. but i guess both of those statements are too critical. heres the link for the EE seat if anyone was wondering.

I will let you know which one I like better once we both get them.

I would certainly appreciate it as I am either going to get the EE or Guts seat. Please let me (us) know!


It's been a month now. So how is the change in bikes. I also have a 250x and am thinking about selling it and getting a 400 of 450 . No problems yet, but I think a bought a little bit too small of a bike and am concerned about the potential valve problem.

How well does your bike do in tight woods ompared to the x? Do you notice the difference in size and how does the suspension compare? Any imput would be appreciated as I have someone interested in my bike.

Thanks Mike

Iv'e ridden the 250X and it is a nice little bike, but it just can't hold a candle to the orange bikes as far as reliability.

I would certainly appreciate it as I am either going to get the EE or Guts seat. Please let me (us) know!


I have the EE seat & like it. I hear it uses guts foam but has more of it even with the std. ht.


I think the loyal Honda click their heels guys are getting tired. I expected them to be on this one already. Defending/rationalizing owning a bike that needs expensive repairs constantly. It's pretty funny. The guys I know that are having troubles don't think it's funny though. Hopefully the stainless valves will be the last of their troubles.

my dad bought a ktm 400exc about a year ago and disliked the seat so he made the mistake of getting this "custom cut" tall and soft seat that you cut the shape you want out of it then staple on the cover. of course he cut it really flat so it feels retarded now, also everyone told him it would compact down. its been a year and i havent noticed a difference. :):D:)

see ya

In 2004 we bought both a crfx250 and a KTM 200exc for our shop. We got them both plated. The 200 ktm blows the 250x away in every test. Shortly after Dirt Bike Magazine did a article on a street legal 250x (our shop bike) we sold the 250x. The bike did not even have 250 miles on it. The 200exc KTM is still running strong (1000 miles). We have 2 450excs and 2 525 excs here to ride, but I am beginning to enjoy a light bike in the tuff stuff.


Wise choice i use to eat sleep and crap Honda until i wanted to buy a new crfx 450 and the sales man told me it don't come with a warranty. I wasn't crazy enough to plop down 7100 bucks on a bike that has no warranty. I checked out ktm and they had a deal that i couldn't pass up zero intrest zero payments for one year and a two year warranty. Ktm is a better bike right out of the box you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to make it better. So hate to say Honda lost out

I have a 250X and bought the 450EXC. Because I loved the 250X I just couldn't sell it. I have to say, the 250X is still a great bike, valve problems aside.

I bought the KTM because I wanted more power. I'm a relatively light guy - 170 lbs - but I wanted more power to be very aggressive. On the 250X, you really need to wring it out, and then a 450 blows by you anyway. Shit. So I bought the 450. It has power to spare (compared to the Honda). I was concerned about the extra weight, but the 450EXC only has about 18 lbs more or so? Anyway, it holds the weight so well you don't even notice it. The KTM is just a little bigger, so a taller rider will probably be happier on it.

So, I'm probably keeping both for a while, but again the KTM isn't nearly so big a jump in weight as you'd think, and it does so much better in power. Handling and braking seem basically the same as the 250X. No bad choice in either bike.

Wow wgerola, that's just the input that I've been waiting for. I have a 250X that my son mostly rides. I have to agree it is such a great bike, rides and handles really nice. It's just a bit small for me and I could use a little more power. I've pretty much decided on the 450EXC for myself over the 450X for various reasons, but was still concerned that the weight and handling would not even be close to the 250X. By making the favorable comparison of the 450EXC to the 250X, you made me feel much better about my decision. Now, I guess I have no more excuses to wait any longer, thanks.


The CRF250X weighs 241lbs and the 450EXC weighs 251lbs.

I've seen 231lbs for the Honda and 248lbs for the KTM. I guess all sources vary a little, with gas, without gas, with oil, without oil, etc. I think on the trail, the bikes are separated by around 20lbs.


The CRF250X weighs 241lbs and the 450EXC weighs 251lbs.

The Australian mags tested them wet without fuel and got the following

450EXC : 257 pounds

250X : 247 pounds

Different numbers.. same difference though - i.e 10 pounds. Think the 450EXC would be a better choice over the 250X given all the extra power you get for only 10 pounds more.


:D:D KTM :worthy::D

"I have seen the future, and the future is orange"

Dirt rider, '04 shootout ;)

I've seen 231lbs for the Honda and 248lbs for the KTM. I guess all sources vary a little, with gas, without gas, with oil, without oil, etc. I think on the trail, the bikes are separated by around 20lbs.

The only weights that vary are the Honda's. Honda always weighs their bikes without, fork oil, shock oil, engine oil, radiator fluid, etc. KTM brochure weights are usually within a pound or so of reality. The weights I gave you are straight from Dirt Bike Magazine.

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