FMF Q2 on a 650L?

If you have a 650L with a Q2, tell me what you think. Header info too, por favor...I'm seriously debating exhaust upgrade and this one looks pretty trick. I know I'll miss the stealthy thump of the beast, but I want some more power...Any help is appreciated. :naughty:

The power bomb header is great!

i have the T2 exhaust and its really loud!!!

the Q (FMF and White Bros) pipes while quieter supposudly fall apart, Ive read this here and heard from others...

I have also heard that in the long run the Q pipes can cause faster internal engine wear due to increased back pressure.

All that said I have heard better things about the FMF than others and would also like the quieter pipe...


There is already a post on the Supertrapp ISD2-Q a few posts back.


There is already a post on the Supertrapp ISD2-Q a few posts back.


Are you saying that the ISd2-Q is the same as an FMF Q2?

I have been running the FMF Q now for 2 or so years. I have not had any problems yet. The XR650L has a problem meeting the AMA 96 db sound test with this pipe in stock form. I had to add the 1.5" turndown to lower the sound output. It is still louder than stock andincreased the power of the bike after a rejet. The torque increased and is a consistant pull from idle to redline. The power is much more managable and will surprise you. The power does not "ramp" up like open exhaust and just pulls hard all the way through the rpm range. I average about 6000 miles a year on my bike and have repacked the pipe once. The packing is good for about that amount of time.


94' XR650L

My bad... Sorry about that guys.

I'm on nightshift, and was reading this post in the wee hrs.


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