Bike Choice for wife and son?

My 9 yr old has a DRZ110. I am planning on getting an XR250 for myself. If I want to get a 3rd bike that my 11 year old (new rider, 5'0", 82 lbs) and my wife (5'7") could share, should I consider a used XR200, used CRF230, or a different bike? The use will mostly be trail riding in the desert. No MX. Price is definitely a consideration. My wife and son both rode a friend's XR100 today. They liked it but it looked to me like it was too small for both of them. I also thought they would grow out of it too soon. My wife also rode a friends XR250, but she really felt it was too tall for her.

Also, what are the main differences between the XR200 and CRF230 beside electric start?

The XR200 is junk compared to the XR250. If anything, get them a CRF230 :naughty:

I 2nd the's a nice bike for the money. The e-start and ease of use will be great for new riders...

There were several write ups when the 230 came out comparing the two...I think Dirtrider did one...might have to go and search for it on their site.

I put my wife on a lowered XR250R, and it was a pig to her. I then bought her a two stroke Kawi KDX200, even though she didn't want a two stroke. However, she loves it! Its small, light, and nimble. It's power band is wide and isn't as pipey as a MX bike. She rides all kinds of terrain, and can keep up with "the big boys" on it. It's a lot more forgiving than most two strokes. She has no problems starting it. She's tried the CRF230, and didn't care for the lack of suspension, or power. She thinks it's the same as a XR200, except with "a button". She wouldn't trade her KDX for one! I've ridden a CR500 for years, but I liked her "little" bike so much, that I bought myself a KDX220 to "play" on, and I really like riding it. Last year at our annual desert trip, I rode it more than my CR500, and my DRZ400!

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