trails ridin...

1st gear goes preaty fast for technical stuff. is there any why to make it go slower without losing any top end?450r :naughty:

hmm only thing i could think of is putting a wide ration tranny..then go a couple teeth bigger in the back :naughty:

putting more teeyh on the back makes it rev to high when your in the higher gears and goin down a loggin road. i thin k mite widen the tranny :naughty:

thanks for you replie :naughty:

what about a heavier flywheel for the slow stuff?

start going faster

buy a 450x

Better yet, an RMZ :)

Ah, the age old delima: Fast and light? 1st is too high.

Perfect gearing? Weight is to high.

Welcome to the club......

13/52 gearing and a finger on the clutch :) although it only does about 50-60mph

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