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Taneum Ride report 4/23/04

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OK, heres how the ride went down. We arrived at Taneum at 9:30 a.m. as planned and first we pulled into Icewater Campground. I unloaded my ramp and prepared to unload my bike while Jay stopped at the Sanican.



As you can see from the pictures everything was dry and no snow down low. It was also very warm out. Although the cloud overcast looked very threatening. Jay told me when he left Yakima it was pouring down rain cats and dogs. We only got slightly sprinkled on toward the end of the ride and even that quit after a few minutes.

After some discussion we decided not to unload our bikes at Icewater and headed over to Taneum Junction. Here we are parked and unloading our bikes. You can see my 525 EXC behind the tree. Jay's truck is the white Nissan and mine is the red Toyota.


Our plan was to take 1326 as high as we could get before hitting too deep of snow and then find a way to loop back to Taneum Junction. On the higher portions of 1326 we ran into sections of the trail with 6 to 8 inches of snow and then patches here and there. Nothing you can't handle. We came to this downed tree which someone had already ramped both sides of so it made for easy climbing over the log.


Here is Jay and our bikes after climbing over the downed tree:


I wanted to get some pictures of someone crossing the log and we could hear some riders in the distance so we waited for them to cross the log and I got my pictures.

The first riders name is Dave (525MXC) and the second is Rick (ATK).



We chatted with Dave and Rick for 10 or 15 minutes and then Jay and I headed off to do our loop. When we got to the CleElum lookout I had to take some pictures. The cloud overcast made it a perfect day for the camera. While enjoying the view Dave and Rick caught up to us and we talked a bit more.






After chatting Dave and Rick took off ahead of us. We decided why not let them break through the snows first. Less work for us. :naughty::D:D

We traveled as far as you could on 1326 and the snows became too deep. So we hit the road and rode over to Lightning. We decided we would take Lightning (1377.2) down to 1377 and then head toward Taneum Shelter. There was no real snow on Lightning and it was easy going till we hit a downed tree about half way down Lightning right as the trail crosses a logging road. That was the only obstacle and I didn't take any pictures of it. Once on trail 1377 we were heading toward Taneum Shelter but we hadn't gone very far when we ran into Dave and Rick. There was a very big tree down across trail 1377 and Dave and Rick were talking about what they were going to do.

At this point we decided to ride together since we seemed destined to run into each other again. Dave turned out to be the real Trail Blazer. You know the type, give me enough people and we can go anywhere. Dave said the four of us could lift each bike over the huge log which was not resting on the ground, no sweat. He was right. So we lifted all four bikes over and continued down 1377. I have no pictures of this downed tree.

We traveled another mile or so and ran into a couple of very large logs across 1377. Dave rode over the first log and we lifted his bike over the second log so he could ride down the trail to see if we would run into any more downed trees. While he was gone I took a picture of Rick's ATK while he and Jay chatted.



Dave came back and said the trail was clear but by then the rest of us decided to back track a bit and take the road through the gate and pick up 1377 where it crosses the road. So Dave let us know we were a bunch of girls and said he would meet us there.

We then took Trail 1376 off of 1377 and rode up up to 1363 which we decided to take back to Taneum Junction. On Trail 1363 we ran into some of the deepest snows of the day. There were no tracks through it but we were committed and we were not going back to 1377 and lift our bikes over them logs again. After climbing up the switch backs on 1363 we stopped to let our bikes cool off. This is Rick and the Trail ahead of him is 1363.


As we passed through those trees in front of Rick in the picture, we hit some of the deepest heavy (wet) snow. At times our tires could not touch ground because our skid plates would not let the bike go any deeper into the snow. We had to push our bikes through some of this. After about 1/4 mile of this we broke through to the portion of 1363 which was well traveled. It will be easier for everyone else who does this loop.

Back at the junction we had put only 30 miles on our bikes. Had we taken Fishhook Flats trail off of 1363 we would have put in a 40 mile loop.

Go for it guys, things are looking good for Taneum. :naughty:

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:naughty: Thanks for the Great Ride Rpt OMT

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