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Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2005 7:37 pm Post subject: Attention All OHV riders!


Please be on the lookout for a stolen 2003 YZ450F. It was stolen in the DesMoines area April 23. It has the suspension lowered 1.5" and has 17" Excel rims. It is set up for Supermoto racing.

The one feature unique to this bike is the fact that the kick-start shaft is broken off inside the case. It will more than likely be sold off as parts due to the fact that it will not run. If you are affiliated with any Yamaha shops be on the lookout for persons buying items consistent with the repair of this bike.

If you folks out there could alert your club members to this information, I would appreciate it. I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up at a local riding area where they will probably try to sell it off cheap.

Thanks in advance.

Any info can be directed to the me at

Paul G

Thanks for the heads up Nick, I've been looking for a cheap supermoto bike. How much do ya want for it??? And I won't tell anyone, shhhhhhh.......

I think I will call Barney he will solve it..

I wonder if that guy Paul G is related to Kenny G. :naughty:

Isnt Kenny G. married to barbra S. :naughty::naughty:

No, that's Kenny S. You killed Kenny, you bastards!!!

Kenny s. :naughty::naughty: ...........

Barbra S, Kenny S, how can they have different last initials if they are married?

Wow.. This conversation is way to deep for me! :naughty:

Wow.. This conversation is way to deep for me! :naughty:

for such a shallow mind :naughty:

If it gets too deep for ya Larry, Kev has some big rubber boots you can borrow. They are sized for small hoofs, but I bet we can make them work for ya..



Nasty huh :naughty::naughty:

Do you post in that freaky forum quite a bit?

What forum :naughty:

With the leather clad rubber boot wearing freaks standing by trees.

hey I just did a search for rubber boots pics. and that came up.........kinda looked funny :naughty::naughty:

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