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BigDR bare risers

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its been a while.

my old drz is gone but not forgotten, and infact she is still alive and kicking.

it lasted me two and a half years of dirt riding it, stunt riding, motard practice/racing, and urban assault to get it to "fail me". 60000+ hard km (?) and the best i could do was stretch out the cam chain. :D

very good motor all and all. i put a new cam chain in it and sold it to a good friend in SM trim. just today we finished a 450SX wheel conversion {21/19"}. then we promptly went on a 6 hour ride :D:D:p:p:D strange to see some one else wheeling down a logging road on it. :cry: .

that drz has been to the end of earth and back every day since early 2002 and still going strong on the same rings, bearings, and trans.

soon i will be building a street legal "398cc" :D bike. originally i was thinking of starting with a used 2002-2005 E. doing a yoshi450, head work, springs and valves for the suspension, and a few other things. only problem being the 5speed trans :naughty::naughty:

currently im working at a Honda/ktm shop so for practicality and price im going to build up a 2005 400exc. 570cc crank/jug/piston, sx cam, and thats it other then the normal amour all bikes need. 6 gears and gobs of power are needed. my WZ only has one of the above :D:D

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