A n00b yet again.

Okay so I just bought a new (NTM) '01 XR650L which means I have to join yet another message board. :naughty: I also have a '95 KLR 650 that may never get put back together do to my schedule. I started modifying the KLR only to realize that I was trying to make it into something it was not. I wanted a nimble dual sport that would have the least amount of stuff to break/fail. Then I had the opportunity to look over an XR in person.... I really liked what I saw. The construction of the Honda over the Kawasaki really impressed me. When the opportunity to buy the XR presented itself I jumped at it. :naughty: I don't know why but I have a thing for air cooled engines. Radiator guards? We don't need no stinking radiator guards!!!!

:naughty: Welcome to the club. May the XR live up to your expactations, it has mine.

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