Anyone tested VelocityGear body armor?


I have looked around for a new body armor. I'm 6,4" and 230lbs and want full protection. Most protection I have found isn't CE certified and offer poor protection of the full spline (as Rockgardn, 661, EVS, O'Neal Z-6 etc).

Now I found VelocityGear body armor which claim to be CE certified and looks to offer good overall protection (it look almost like the Dainese Satefty Jacket 21 and that is very good I think).

Anyone used this body armor? What are your experiences about:

- Quality

- Sizing

- How it is to wear etc.


That looks nice & heavy duty -- but very hot. :naughty:


The followign member has purchased our armor, give him a shout to see what he thinks.


PS-none of these manufacturers offer a truly CE rated product:

Rockgardn, 661, EVS, O'Neal Z-6

Our armor certificate can be emaild to SATRA UK to verify CE testing and compliance, something you won't find from the above manufacturers.

Send me one and I will promote it over here, for a fee of-cause.

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