first enduro

i'm going to enter into an off road race soon, my first one. an enduro or a hare scramble. My question is, what are the rules to an enduro. is it true that you can make it to a checkpoint too soon, how do you know when to get there? is a hare scramble like an enduro without these rules? any feedback is much appreciated.

A H/S is like a Motocross though the wooods. A cross Country race.

See the American Motorcyclist Asso. site for Enduro Rules. Look under AMA Sports and Rule book pdf file.

You can use only a Odometer resetable in tenths, a digital watch and a roll chart. Most of use use enduro computers now.


you can get to check points too soon in an enduro. there's a set time for you to get back and if you get there 1 min. early its just like getting there 1 min late. depending on the track though it will probably be hard to get in too early. It kinda runs on a points system. In a hare scramble you just run as fast as you can passin who you can.

Good enduro timekeeping info can be found here.

Also check and see if the local club(s)/organization(s) that hold the enduro events in your area offer a 'beginner enduro' - most lay out a shorter, easier course to learn on, and they usually hold a class before the event with a local fast guy to describing the basics of timekeeping, and a chance to ask questions.

perfect thanks

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