KTM Dealer Report

Props to Husqvarna KTM of Gresham. I couldn't be more pleased with their service. The first difference I noticed between them & another "unnamed" shop is they treated me like they wanted my business.

Picked up the bike yesterday. I asked them for a 13 tooth counter sprocket. They said, "it's all ready on there, just part of our setup." (I had mentioned I'd be riding woods) I'm like, really! :D I thought they were just selling the stock bike. Then I asked them what jets are in it. The mechanic came out & said, "can't tell ya, you'll have to dig in if you want to know. It's our little secret. It has different needle too." He had a huge grin on his face & I could sense the pride he put into his work. I like that.

I was just starting to push the bike out the door when one of them said if I wanted they'd switch a MXC tank with my EXC tank no charge. I did want a bigger tank & free is a good deal so I said ok. Went from 2.1 gal to 3.8 gal & I can see the fuel level :naughty: .

Anyway I'm very pleased with my choice of dealers & thanks TT for providing the forum for discussing such things it really helped me make the right decision. :naughty:


PS: rode it today & it is jetted pretty well as far as my ear & seat of the pants can tell but it would probably benefit from less squirt. I already have a different diaphram to shorten it to 1 sec.

Wow! Awesome dealer. I wonder why they wouldn't tell you their jetting specs?

I wonder why they wouldn't tell you their jetting specs?

That would have cost extra. :naughty::naughty:

I bought my 200 from Gresham a few years back--they were really great. Glad they are still making people happy.

Did you notice if they charged you extra for the jetting?

Wow! Awesome dealer. I wonder why they wouldn't tell you their jetting specs?

Well, being as its green sticker and meets some type of emission requirement. I'd be willing to bet the dealer cant alter it legally. No info, no invoice, no paper trail means it never happened, even if it did! :naughty: End user can do anything he/she wants to.

No charge for the jetting. Just part of their set up. Their goal seemed to be to have their KTMs run better than the other guys. Makes for a happy customer! :naughty:


I told you guys that was THE KTM shop in Portland. It's a REAL bikeshop staffed w/ real riders, not a megamall filled w/ "X-TREME" punks.


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