Help me post photos

Hello everyone. I have been checking out this web site for 5 years now, and now being a member is way cool, lots of helpful hints about things and meeting new people also. My question is how can I submit a photo as I write a caption about my adventure? Thanks ahead of time to those who help me.


'02 yz426f PowerNow, PowerCore 4 w/header FMF jet kit, K/N filter, Polished head port, Ty Davis throttle mod :naughty:

go to and follow the bouncing ball....

Thanks tbb..I hear and see a lot of guys give you a hard time, I'm pretty laid back myself, I could care less what the next guy or gal says about me, they don't know me, so how can they judge me. Besides, I have 1 black belt, and sometimes it comes in handy, know what I mean!

'02 yz426f yeah, its got mods...

My wife ALMOST got me to move to Alaska, as I'm a hunting freak. But alas, I'm also a sunbather.

Whattya do?

Black belts come in VERY handy in public.

Especially if the "public" has been drinking. :naughty:

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