XR vs XL

ok seems most folks have info concerning new stuff,

what are the differnces between XL250R and XR250R and XR250L in the 80-84 year range? not concernd with bodywork,seat,or tank

Engine wise:

frame wise:

suspension wise:

The XR250L was only made from 1991-1996. It was the street legal version of the XR250R with some minor differences. The stator had higher output, it had a battery, the frame joints were reinforced to handle a passenger, the carb was a pumper, the transmission had the same gears 1-3 but slightly higher 4-6, the rear sprocket was rubber mounted instead of being bolted directly to the hub. There were other slight differences that added up to a slightly heavier bike but was a workhorse dual sport.


XR's had bigger carbs, hotter cam, maybe bigger valves, more open exhaust.

Better brakes, stronger frame, lighter

Stiffer suspension, more travel.

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