Canadian 04 WR250F

Hi,Can any body tell me what what the difference is with the Canadian WR250's as apposed to the USA spec'd models :naughty: I've just purchased the Canadian model here in New Zealand & have just run it in & now want to do the free mods to make it run better as in stock form its a slug :D So can the grey wire mod/airbox mod/ Exhaust (I've pulled the exhaust baffle already)/ throttle stop/ etc be done to the Canadian models?? Also what is the main jet stepping range on the 04 WRF's... If a went up one step on the main after doing the airbox mod would the step be 178 to a 180?? :naughty: I DON'T want the YZF cam timing... Will the grey wire mod still work OK?? Do I have to do the Throttle stop mod with the grey wire mod?? Thanks for any help with my questions. :D:D

I purchased a Canadian spec'd 05 WR 250,which had the the throttle stop, and Grey wire,however I understand some of the earlier Canadian models didn't.

With exhaust ,airbox,throttle stop and Grey wire mods done,it runs so well I didn't bother changing jetting.

The Thumpertalk FAQ ( covers all of these in detail so you can then check it yourself ,to see if it has a Grey wire and throttle stop.Also search the site for additional information on mods if required .

I would recomend doing the exhaust,airbox,throttle stop and Grey wire (if it has one) and then do jetting last if required.


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