Husky redux

Hi everyone, I've been reading the forums on TT for years and now I've finally gotten an account. So for my first post I want to show y'all a pic of a TE450 I've modified. The reason I did was because I think the design and esthetics of the '05 TEs are just plain awesome! But at the same time I think their frames are the ugliest in the industry :naughty: (sorry if I offended anyone :naughty: ) So here is my perfect TE450 with a nice, thick aluminum perimeter frame and all!

I would really like to know what you all think about the pic and if you think that Husky should do something like this in the near future.

PS I will be buying an 05 TE very soon but not sure which one

would suit me best 450 or 510? Would be doing 50% low speed

trail/woods, 50% higher speed desert stuff. Any recomendations?

click link

Blue and white looks good, reminds me of my '82 WR. When you get your TE, ride it and work on it you'll know that the frame is fine(handles great) and makes the bike much easier to work on than a Honda. I personally hope Husky doesn't go with that whale of a frame.


Looks good for sure, but don't you think all the bikes are starting to look the same? ie CRF / RMZ / KXF. If the new alum frame YZF is the same - I'll spew. I expect they will copy to YZ 2-stroke alum frame. I do agree that the 05 Husky is the best looking bike out there.

I wonder if Husky will go to an alum frame? They will have to do something regarding the weight to keep up with the others. They need to get their dry weight down to about 100kg. I wonder if an alum frame would do it or whether they need to come up with a complete new motor? (I'm think more for MX than anything else here)

Have you thought of doing some designs in regards to a sticker kit for the '04's ? Mines looking tatty and there are no graphics kits available that really take my eye. I've been trying to think of something, but I keep coming back to the early FBF / DKNY kit, I reckon that looks sweet, but is no longer available. Perhaps a survey amoungst the TT'ers and we can try to get some custom graphics made, like what was done for the 570 earlier on. Something that will update the 04's to look a bit like the 05's would look nice?

Good idea, but it looks like a nightmare to work on. aluminum isn't necessarily a better material choice for that matter either. The chromoly steel that the euro manufactures use is lighter than the carbon steel that the jap manufacturers use. For example, KTM frames are already lighter than Honda frames and I'm sure the same is true for the Husky. IMO the frame has to work before it looks pretty.

If the new alum frame YZF is the same - I'll spew.

Start your spewing.

I also do not like the twin spare frames. Makes them a nighmare to work on and to put larger tanks on. Not necessary.


Hey, thanks for the replys. I want to respond to each so I'll just go down the line.

First of all, the bike is supposed to be blue and silver but I think it got lost in the pic quality (I know those aren't Husky colors but they would be if I were running things) Whale of a frame? Hey!

As far as all the aluminum bikes looking the same, I'll have to respectfully disagree. I think that all the steel-tube backbone frames look just about the same. Afterall, there's only so much you can do with tubing compared with the formability of aluminum. Also, do the RM-Z450 and CRF450 really look so similar? I think their frames are more unique from each other than the YZFs, EXCs, and FEs are from each other, (look at each bike's side profile and notice the frames all share a lot of the same lines etc.) However, I think the sticker kit is an awesome idea, I'll definitely give it some thought.

I agree, a frame does need to work before it looks pretty. I have to say I'm a little shocked to hear so many people not liking alum. frames. I am a little partial to them I guess. Thanks for giving me your input on the pic, keep it coming. But what am I going to do about my TE dilema??? 450 or 510? I just don't want to end up with a bike that doesn't suit my riding style, again, any suggestions? Thanks for the time guys.

the 450 and 510 are both great bikes. The 450 revs quicker, and has a longer spread of power. The 510 grunts and is for short shifting. I think the 450 is better for tight woods and the 510 for open stuff. :naughty:

The other drawback of alumiuim frames is that they don't last on dirtbikes.I have seen quite a few CR & CRF's with serious wear where the rad scoopes crosses the spar etc. A lot of these bikes look real tatty & really worn out.Ready for breaking!! A friend thought he had a bargain 00 CR250 he quickly sold it as it was seriously worn

You don't need to go twin spar for dirtbikes or road.Look what Ducati/MV have done with the lattic frame.Steel is more than compettitive

Good to see Yamaha going their own way, I wonder what Honda say about Kawa and Suzi ripping off their designs?

I tend to agree with RedRider, if the chromo frame is as light and as strong as the alum frame, then why not stay with it? It took them a long time to sort out the frame design as initially they were too rigid and harsh. Look at the engineering Honda had to do to build in flex so that you could actually ride the thing without either breaking it or shaking your filings out. What for - Marketing?

Just remember - "The feel of steel is REAL!"

I do a fair bit of road cycling and I know the cycle manufacturers went through the alum frame phase as well. Cannondale were early pioneers in this area. Whilst alum frames are pretty standard nowadays, you really can't race the frames for any distance without carbon fibre forks, seat post and rear stays. They are just too harsh otherwise. The hot ticket is full monocoque carbon-fibre frame. Initially they were price prohibitive, now they are pretty well commonplace in the medium top-end bikes. I wonder when we'll see that on a dirt bike?

Can't wait to see the new '04 graphics you guys are cooking up.

WRM motorcycles out of Bergamo, Italy have an MXer that has a partial carbon fiber frame. It's an interesting (expensive) looking bike but who knows when it'll be out.

I think the best application for carbon fiber on a dirt bike would be a injection-molded frame and not this eye-candy garbage we're seeing now. Don't mean to offend but who the hell needs a carbon fiber chain gaurd? That kind of stuff flies in the face of why carbon fiber was invented; for it's strength to weight characteristics and other beneficial properties. It seems like everyone is forgetting how to really use it.

As far as the gaphics stuff is concerned, I would actually be interested in designing and producing some, I definately have the resources. The only problem is that I wouldn't know where to start. If anyone knows how to go about it or knows a company who does custom graphic kits, let me know. Over and out.

Good to see Yamaha going their own way, I wonder what Honda say about Kawa and Suzi ripping off their designs?

Probably about as much as Cobas did when he saw Honda ripping off his perimeter frame designs back in the early 80's. Or as much as Norton did when everyone and their mother(including all the Japanese manufacturers) ripped off their 'featherbed' frame design from the late 40's, and some continue to use elements of it up into the new century.

Its a technology that's not proprietary. Just like car aerodynamics. Notice how most cars started looking very much alike in the 80's? Even recently? The solution to a problem is the solution to the problem. Very rarely can anyone claim soul ownership of the solution that can be achived through research and development by anyone with enough interest and capital.

you can't get to the carburator with that honda frame. One of the best attributes of the New huskys and probably allwasy been true is they are easy acess and eaasy to work on. Don't throw that away. The 2005 bikes are sweet.

regarding 510 vs 450. I rode an 04 TE-450 and I have an 05 Te-510. I'm a C rider. You said 50% woods and 50% open, either bike, but the 510 is manageable power steed and if you want the 510 go for it. I find it very rideable in slow technical stuff too, but only in the easy berm to berm float thru the trees perfection woods then it starts to feel like why do i have such a powerful bike, funny how that is. Not the typical rutty, rocky, and more open woods trails then the bike is at home, but when it gets real turny and you are surfing thru the trees at level ground where you only need a 250 really not even a 450, then the 510 feels out of my experience. but when you coast the bike down thru trees then it feels light and nimble, and when you go up hill too, its only when you are surfing on level ground in trees and moving from one berm to the next, then it feels like its a big boy in a small boat in Disneyland's it's a small world. :naughty:

Now Im an 6'5" 260 when I get in more open places like Clear creek which Ride knows of, then I love the extra power of the 510.

Hope that helps. occasionally in an odd spot too the 510 if you don't feather the clutch, like maybe you'r stuck on a wet switchback or on an off camber turny section, if you gas it, it will put you in the bushes, but that is very rare....I rarely need to feather the power....97% of the time its manageable fun time on that bike.

best example of the power is how I broke my rear fender, I was power walking the bike out of a soft deep soil rut, I accidently let out the clutch as I hit the gas, the 510 leeeped out of my hands and took off straight up to the moon, with the tail about three feet in the air, when it landed the rear fender was toast. That's the big boy for you, manageable smooth power as long as you stay on the bike :naughty:

As far as the gaphics stuff is concerned, I would actually be interested in designing and producing some, I definately have the resources. The only problem is that I wouldn't know where to start. If anyone knows how to go about it or knows a company who does custom graphic kits, let me know. Over and out.

Call around to some graphics manufacturers about a custom run of your own work. There was a guy on this page a few months back that did that for his TE570 and was trying to sell sets here.

Two versions that I would like to see for my 04 510 and CR125's: Totally retro yellow background with the chrome oval of the original 70's era bikes without any modernizing.

Faux version of the 05 plastic. Again simple clean design without all the strips and hoopla that so many designers think necessary. Keep it simple. That's what Husky is doing with their designs and they have the best looking bikes out there.

Either one I would buy.

No you're all idiots.

What would look sweet would be to go with just color on the fuel tank cover (Red, Yellow, Dark Black) Chrome plastic insert in the fuel tank cover triangular hole. Leave the Radiator Shrouds Dark Gray. Now make the front and back fenders white as well as the headlight. Then make the side number plates black with white number backgrounds and while your at it make the seat black with a non-slip seat cover. Yellow Tank Gaurds Red Tank Gaurds Black Tank Gaurds

Now that would be one sweet ride.

Husky Rips

Looks like an XR400 :naughty:

Basically HuskyRips, you could get a sheet of chrome sticker stuff and stick it on the tank where the tank shows through the hole in the tank guard.

Thats an excellent idea regarding the chrome look. Good color combos on the sample pics too. I had even contemplated cutting a bigger hole out of the 04 radiator shroud similar to the 05 model, but lack the guts to do it in case I end up trashing a good set of shrouds.

But what I'm really looking for is a graphic kit to update the 04 models. There are a lot of the older bikes out there that are just crying out for an update. The 05 models already look too good to be true.

There are two companies in Australia that produce custom graphics. They already have the patterns and dies cut to suit the 04 model Huskies. All you have to do is to supply them with a graphic design.

Prices are competitive, especially when you are using $US coverting into our Australian Peso.

Thanks for the doin' the research aussiethumper, I've looked at these guys but their sites are having problems with their links. Australian Peso?...nice!

Anyway, my interest in doing this is definitely rising, the only thing that would keep me from doing it would be knowing whether or not people would buy them or would I be stuck with a bunch of graphics kits with no customers?

*does anyone have a nice, large stock photo of an '04 Te? I've looked but all I can

find are angled shots which won't work. Would like a good side profile shot, If

someone has one please post it, appriciate it :naughty:*

So I guess what it comes down to is this, if there was enough demand (say at least 20+- offers?) I would probably design 2 different '04 update set and a new set for the '05s; metallic blue with blue/black seat cover and a chrome metallic tank piece?? Maybe some different color radiator shrouds too. If I can get the required response I don't see why this couln't happen in a couple of months. I guess it would depend on the final price too, afterall, I would have to charge more than what it costs to have the graphics made to make it worth the while. Anyway, I'll just see how everyone respnds and just play it by ear..........

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