Front Disc Brake guards... loose em?

I kinda like the look without the front discbrake guard... has anyone really hit anything on track or trail where they saved your brakes???

Yeah, some BIG rocks...dude, i'd leave 'em on there... :naughty:

nah you don't need them, most bikes don't even have them. Just put it on if you know its ganna be rocky

Leave it on unless you like buying new brake rotors. The front of your bike catches the most roost and the guard deflects it from your rotor. Just becuz the Pros ride without them means nothing. They get bikes and parts for free. You probably don't.

If you want sexy, switch to carbon fiber guards.

Get rid of the ugly and put a set of Roosters front and back... I did, and I'm glad they're there. Better looking and stronger.

The stock guard only stops small gravel and md from impacting the rotor....anything bigger just shoves the plastic into the rotor, it isn't very strong nor intended to stop big things like large rocks and sticks...

I leave mine off since the stock one does not fit the EBC 280mm rotor. Never had an issue with not having one in almost 3 years...

i never run mine, and they don't make much of a difference, i bent the stock rotor while running the gaurd

From assembly out of the crate mines never had the front guard on. On my old bike I bent the crap outa the rotor because a rock got wedged behind the guard then flung out....never had one one since then and no bent rotors!

The stock rotor guard doesn't do much, but it does help a little. If you are worried about rocks you should get an aftermarket guard which is generally made out of something besides plastic.

Although they don't look to hot, I keep my rotor guard on to keep roost from banging off the rotor. I see no reason to waste the energy and take the thing off.

Thanks for the replies, fellows. I guess I'll remove it and if a rock does bend it ~ well, then it'll be a great excuse for me to buy a new wave rotor! yeah baby!

actually, i noticed how pros do actually use em to whoever said that. Am i the only per=son who thinks it looks kinda good?

Leave it on.

Unless you dont intent to hit peoples swingarms in the first corners.

Leave it on.

Unless you dont intent to hit peoples swingarms in the first corners.

The plastic just bends and doesn't do anything

Now that I think of it, I've never bent my hopped up CRF50's 8" rotor ~ even though it's much lower to the ground, the rotor's thinner, and I've pounded it through rock gardens, banged bars with other 50's, etc. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not traveling nearly as fast in comparision; but in relative size ~ I ride it just as fast...

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