head bearings replacement tools?

What tools do I need to get the head bearing races out? Also the lower bearing is stuck on the shaft. Can I use the "heat wrench" on this to get it to move? Or should i pack the frame up and head to a shop? :naughty:



When I replaced mine a few months ago, I tried a long screwdriver, punch, etc., I borrowed a head race tool from a friend who owned a bicycle shop. It worked great. It looks like a 1 foot piece of pipe that has been split into four flanges on the end. spread the flanges out a little, insert the non-flanged end into the head tube, pull the flanges past the race. They will expand and, when pushed the other direction, will put even pressure on the race. Hit the other end of the pipe with a hammer and drive the race out. You could make the tool out of thinned walled tubing. Good luck.

Oh, as for the bearing stuck on the shaft, I used a long screwdriver (that I didn't mind damaging) and went from one side to the other and slowly drove it off the shaft. Mine was really stuck so it took a little time. Just be patient and be very careful. Somebody will probably have a less primative way to do this, but this worked for me.

Use a press to remove and replace the one on the stem and the race can be removed with a brass punch.

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