Body Armour

Hi Guys,

If you use Body Armour, what do you use and what are the pros and cons of varous body armours on the market...

thanks in advance

I have a 661 body suit & 661 Bomber padded shorts it works well for me.

Previously I had some of the hard plastic roost deflector MX stuff and it hurt like hell if you fell and it bruised me more than if I'd gone without it.

I have the Dianese Safety Jacket.

Very good, but not cheap.

Rockgardn Flak :naughty:

EVS BJ22: Very comfortable.

Second vote for the Rockgardn Flak!

You can read a review of the Flak jacket at

I like it a lot and don't ride without it. Once you get on the bike, you don't even notice you have it on. If I had the money, I would probably get the Dianese, but I'm really like the Flak. The only thing is that the Flak only has chest protection on each side of the zipper, so it won't fully protect you if you get a handlebar in the chest like a conventional chest protector or like the Dianese (I think 661 also has full chest protection with a zipper on the side).


I'm focusing on the Rockgarden or the Dianese; how hot -- can you ride in summer with'em? What about kids; assume the Rockgarden since its less $$ and they'll out-grow whatever I get them soon.


I use the 661 armor. I bought the short sleeve suit. I tried the long sleeve but it felt like I was I a space suit. Not enough flexability. it cost about $100 and works very well for me. I also have the bomber shorts. :naughty::naughty:

Bought the sixsixone Preasure suit in the end... good bit of kit, off out tomorrow with it, will update.... Bomber shorts will be my next purchase... they look good and well made...

Thanks for all you advice peeps


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