My X has won me over KTM's.

Well I was up at 5:45am this morning getting ready for a 3 hour ride around my local area, lots of single track, hills, jumps, fire roads etc. It is a good workout, anyway, I have only got 500k's on my bike and I was riding with my brother-in-law(BIL), he has a immaculate KTM 520. I am 185cm - 72kg, he is around 190cm and much bigger in weight(around 90 or so kg), hence the 520.

So the story goes like this, towards the end of the ride I offered BIL to ride mine (you know, new bike and all) and he jumped on straight away, first part of the ride was on a fast fire road with some drainage jumps, anyway, the torque out of the 520 was huge, I loved it. I would give it heaps, look over the shoulder and there was BIL on my X, geez, next came some single track for the next 15 minutes. I was in front, and I could here BIL right behind, so I let him in front, and off he went out of site.

When I pulled up here where he had stopped, he said he could do faster lap times on the X, heaps more comfortable - seat, suspension etc. He cant wait for the 450X's to arrive here to try them out.

Anyway, my observations were this, the KTM motor is unreal, huge torque, it has heavy springs so yes it was stiff on the suspension side. But where the difference was is in the handling, especially the front end, the X will float over ruts etc. I nearly lost it twice. My X out handled, was more fun with power to play with, and was in the short time that I rode the KTM less physically demanding as well. Weight of bikes was not an issue because of the tracks we rode when we swapped.

Basically I came to the conclusion that this bike (X) is AWESOME, I LOVE IT, throw as many polls as you like up, I will always vote this bike first. Blue and orange riders reckon we have a problem because we are staunch Red supporters. They have a problem too. I know I should have compared like with like, but those KTM 520's are a bloody good bike, and if my X is as good as this, I reckon a lot more blue and orange riders will be seeing red soon.

This is just something that I wanted to share with other X riders, my cost for the best bike is just some good maintenance, so what.

Next Task - Confirm this with a WR250F.

My friend that I ride with most often has a KTM 400 EXC and we trade bikes now and then. That KTM motor is so sweet! But the bike does FEEL heavy and the suspension isn't as smooth. He complains about his suspension every ride, I tell him to spend $$$ and get it redone by RaceTech (or buy a Honda).

My brother has a place in Forster and rides a BMW F650 dual sport. He loves it down under. "Bob's your uncle!"

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