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Supermoto-wheels from a Yamaha WR426. Will the hubs fit my DR-Z?

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Hey people

Got a good deal on gold Excel rims with talon hubs, coming from a Yamaha WR426. :D Got to decide fast, or it will slip. :naughty:

Does anyone here know if the hubs will fit my -02 DR-Z400? (....in terms of fixing the sprocket, axles, brake discs and so on....) :naughty:

MINOR modifications is no problem. I can handle that.

(I am aware of that I should get a caliper relocator and a larger front disc. I will take care of this later.)

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Hi Harald

You haven't got an answer yet probably because nobody's done it.

Start by calling or emailing Talon in the UK.

If you're still intent on buying them, expect to have to do some machining. This is what might vary:

Front axle diameter

Front spacer lengths

Front brake disc diameter

Front brake disc alignment (may need spacers on wheel or disc mounts cutting back)

Rear axle diameter

Rear spacer lengths

Rear disc alignment

Rear sprocket alignment

Tyre clearance on chain (dishing of spokes)

Good luck


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Thanks Ian.

I found a norwegian dealer and gave them a call just minutes ago. They are mostly into Suzukis and Husqvarnas hence not very familiar with Yamaha hubs. Still, they they don't believe the Yamaha hubs will fit without using Yamaha brake disc, Yamaha sprocket and changing the spacers. This will probably cause me more trouble than worth-while. I think I'll search for a good price on new wheels instead. :naughty:

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