DonO report on Cullys and Sunshine MX

Went to Cullys MX on Sat. (Kudo's to Phil and son Josh for meeting me there) and then down to Sunshine MX on Sun.. So here goes the report.

Cullys MX - To start with you won't see a dam sign for the place (the lady was complaining :naughty: about $$ the city/county want for a sign, whatever) just a small clay road off of St. Rd. 27. This might sound crass but "Lady, you want business, you need to advertise" (spend money to make money) :D . The track is a mix of clay and sand, but all jump faces are packed clay so you get a consistant launch off of them :D . Decent layout with about 6 doubles (none more than ~35 feet long), couple of TT's and lots of long spots for just hauling ass. Not very crowded but then it was raining most of the day.

Sunshine MX - Nice tight track and dam this is the first one I've been to that they actually "groom" before anyone gets on the track :D . You can really "fly" around this small thing and there are a lot of locals that do that! Track is mainly the black sand and not real firm so after a short :cry: while its a loamy track. My only concern (not that I crash a lot though) is that if you really lost it on a big air jump the fence is not that far away and its 6 foot high chain link (I think you would lose in that battle :D ). Track has a nice small double rhythm section, they just put in a whoop section and some nice long jumps that have like a single to start then dips then the landing is a TT (odd to describe).

Didn't get to ride Sunshine but the open practice and my practice class because the "hard rock" knee was killing me.

Only tracks left on the list are Dade City, Pepsi Air Dania and County Line MX. :D

Don :naughty:

How beginner friendly is Cullys?

The only sign out front is a freeking "keep out" sign. :naughty:

I dont think I would consider cullys a beginners track, but you can roll the doubles. I dont think Josh and I will be back to that one. We prefer riding tracks that arent all clay.

Don the kid next door McGilla tweaked Josh's subframe on the first trail. Josh and Mcgilla had to bust down to their boxers to get Josh's bike back out of the mud at croom yesterday. "Seriously, I didnt mean to do it dad" :naughty:


I would agree Cully's is not a beginner track, you really need to go to Bartowand ride the Intermediate track that would be perfect for you ( are you listening to the old man????)


The sign is a No Trespassing sign!!!

Glad the younings weren't on your bikes (I saw a sub on TT I think for a YZ250!)

Don :naughty:

thats right it did say No Trespassing. :naughty:

DonO, I have been to Bartow a few times now. The intermediate track is fun, but it gets a bit boring going around a little circle allllll day. Reminds me of the oldfashioned cheezy go-kart tracks. Boring ovals. Don't get me wrong, Bartow is fun, but I wish they had an intermediate type track that possible had right hand turns!!


If your willing to make the haul (hint) then go to North Fl MX in Hillard (NW of J-ville). The MX track is long and its all hard pack for the most part and I know you could handle it. Its a haul but hey that's what dedication to riding is all about babe!!!

Don :naughty:

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