Brake Line Change - Success?


My first time working on brakes............

I've just changed my rear brake line, and bled the brake. No air coming out, and I get a good hard bite on the rotor when I stamp the pedal.

I used the manual method of pumping the brake, holding it down, then opening the bleed valve a 1/4 of a turn, letting the air bubbles out, closing the bleed valve and repeating until no more bubbles, just fluid.

I reckon the brake bites good and hard now, and if I really stamp on it hard, it locks the back wheel up on loose surfaces.

Do you think this means I've bled it well enough, there's no sponginess on the pedal at all? I reckon if this is ok, then I'll replace the front line next. I decided to do one at a time to make sure I could get to a mechanic if I really srewed up :naughty:



Sounds OK to me. It should be able to lock up on asphalt.

Tip: when you're doing the front brake line, go get a cheap-o syringe. Once the line is on there, you can use the syringe to inject the fluid into the caliper (the reverse way) and force all of the air up to the top. I stole this idea fair and square from Burned, so it is mine now. Give me all credit if it works.

Anyone else?

Anyone else?

you're welcome :naughty:


Thanks for your feedback, I was just wondering if anyone else had any opinions.




Tried locking up the back wheel on asphalt, worked a charm, nice long trail of rubber behind me.

It proves that even an absolutely wrench monkey like me can do this. :naughty:

Thanks to everyone who's posted about brake bleeding, it was a real help.


How much stronger would you guess your brakes are now?

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