WR 400 or XR 600??

Which one of these would make a better all around trail bike?

WR400 1999 one owner excellent shape $2,650

XR 600 1995 one owner excellent shape $1,700

I am 6'1" 210 and have ridden quite of bit in the past.

Have test ridden both and it seems like the 600 had quite of bit more power?

Any input would be appreciated!


If your just riding open trails go the 600, I can't believe how cheap bikes are over there.

I've owned these exact two bikes, same year and all. I sold the xr to buy the wr, and sometimes I wish I still had the XR. The XR was big and heavy and the WR feels like a race car compared to the XR, which was more like a station wagon, but a station wagon from the 60's with a huge engine.

The XR seemed to be a bit tougher of a bike, and was definitely more comfortable for those long rides, however, the WR has much more performance, especially from the chassis, and probably more power too.

Both are fun bikes, but I'd say if you want to cruise around all day, get the XR, if you really want to go fast, get the WR.

The WR must not have been uncorked. There are many free mods you can do to that bike. I'd get the WR. :naughty:

I have two XR400's and a WR400F. What has been said so far I agree, Get the WR is performance is the issue and the XR for durability


How many times do I have to go through this with you?? Buy my 2003 XR4. It is the best of both worlds!!


best around trail bike?

WR !!!!!!!

but get a 2002 426 or a new 450 :naughty:

Look at my sig.

That';s the best of both worlds.

Well I also agree, had XR 500 I used to call it the couch ,Im now riding WR450 04' love the performance

What more can be said? The XR is for comfort and the WR is for speed!

If your just riding open trails go the 600, I can't believe how cheap bikes are over there.

Yeah, America, besides being the biggest single toy market on the planet; has a huge surplus of used dirt bikes. The disposable mindset makes the surplus grow and prices plummet. A 2 year old cross bike is like yesterday's papers....fodder for the trash bin.

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