Chain Adjustment

I adjusted my chain for the first time yesterday, bike now has 340 miles on it and I moved the adjusters about 4 clicks - I figure this is normal due to chain stretch upon initial break in - thoughts????

2005 XR650L

also installed my new wiz bang Uni foam filter - wonder if it will make a difference at all.

Yes I would call it better than normal. Depending on riding style and if the bikes uncorked or not and other variables such as doing lots of wheelies. My stock 05 chain stretched like spaghetti, I was adjusting it every couple of rides until I got to about 1500 miles and then magically it just doesn't stretch much anymore, I rarely have to adjust it. I've read different threads and it seems to be normal with more adjusting early on then not so much later, some folks are getting as much as 8000 miles off of their stock chains. I don't think I'll get quite that much as I'm uncorked and do hard riding in dirt and alot of gravel roads. Also if you do the normal carb mods and jetting along with your air filter you'll wake up a monster within your engine. Hope this helps and happy riding.

How much play did you leave in the chain? I have over 9000 miles on my stock chain and with 15/48 gearing I'm at adjuster position 5 with 14/48 about 10. I hope you re-jetted before you changed the air filter!

I got 3,600 out of my stocker. Stock chains are not the best and streach pretty badly. DID X-Ring on there now.

Left about 1 3/8 slack in the chain (maybe a little more) The folks at Baja Designs told me that simply chaging to a UNI would not require any jetting mods at all.

Baja Designs may be right on the filter if you left the baffle in the exhaust and the restricter in the airbox, however it's fairly lean from the factory and it'd be in your best interest not to run it too lean. Too loose is better than too tight for your chain. I like 3 to 4 fingers between the swingarm and the chain, right behind the slider on top of the swingarm.

I had to replace my stock 650L chain because it broke way back in November of 1996. The chain probably had only 1400 miles on it. At the time I was using HP chain lube and didn't know then what I know now.

The stock 650L chain is garbage. Replace it with a good RK, Tsubaki, or Regina X or O-ring chain, and use 90w gear oil to lube it. You will wear the metal on the chain down to the O-rings before you have to adjust it back a single mm..

Right now on my 650L, I'm actually running the original (non O-ring) chain from my 1999 CR500. I've been taking it off once every two weeks to put it in a bath of 90w gear oil. It seems to have been working good for about 2000 miles. I have yet to need to adjust the chain back at all.

I'm going to try and see if I can make a non O-ring chain last longer than an O-ring chain. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to :naughty:

I got about 3300 miles on mine and I'm pretty sure its the stock chain. I bought the Parts Unlimited X-ring 120 link chain on the recomendation of my dealer. I have 14/48 gearing to put on the beast at the same time as the chain but I'm unsure of how to figure out the correct length. Any suggestions???

Also, One of my riding buddies hates master links cuz one broke on a ride and left a guys stranded. I've heard of safety wiring them. How is this done?

Proper adjustment is one of the keys to a chain lasting. Many miss proper adjustment by using recommendations of 2-3 fingers, etc... just how many mm's is your finger? How many is mine? See, there is no way to use the "finger" method and be correct without being very lucky.

I have a very extensive write-up on proper chain and sprocket adjustment that may be of some help.

And yes, many chains will see an initial break-in period where the metals and surfaces actually cause the chain to elongate slightly. Some chains are being proof stretched at build to eliminate the need for intial adjustment.

rokklym...try this link:

I lubed mine with BelRay chain lube - supposedly safe for O ring chains, slack is about three fingers worth just aft of the chain slipper - almots wonder if I should tighten it up just a tad more - but then again a little loose is better than a little tight ( I think). I am not surprised that the OEM chain will wear quickly and will replace when it is shot with a good grade of chain - DID etc. for now might as well get my money's worth out of the stocker. I have not lit it off since the installation of the Uni filter - busy workin etc, here at Boeing in Seattle. Once it is out of warranty I look forward to the removal of the smog kit and the carb mod (from Bajadesigns) would like to leave the stock pipe in place or maybe maybe replace with a yoshimura :-) then see what all this hype is about with a monster residing within my bike (wink) :-) Thanks guys! for all the tips and help.

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