Plastic Kits- recommendations

I'm looking to convert to YZ plastic on my WR. Any recs for a good kit. Everything's all scratched up, so I thought a kit is the way to go. But really all I want is the number plate and rear fender.

A few things-fit, finish, strenght and color match are important. As is the air scoop on the rear fender and grab handle holes on the side plastic.

I can't determine if Acerbis and UFO's kit have the grab handles or if the scoop is there or if they're worth a darn.



I JUST put on the Acerbis plastic kit. I came with the YZ rear fender and YZ style scoops. I managed to get it all to fit and look like new. On the Acerbis kit, you need to do some trimming, but generally it fits well and matches. It doesn't have the metal inserts like the Yammi plastic, but washers work. I think the plastic is a bit softer and thinner that the stock Yammie plastics. It DOES turn white if you bend it. yes - it does have grab handles, at least on my kit.

UFO kit is good, but I didn't like the finish as well as the Acerbis. The UFO fork guards are too dark.

IMO - I like the Acerbis kit a bit better, but not as well as stock Yammi plastic.



Damper?! I don't NEED no stinkin' damper - I have insurance!!!

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Were there any YZ radiator scoop mods reqired so that they fit the WR tank? Thanks

The radiator scoops are a little different with the Acerbis kit. I have a DEVOL radiator guard, so I had some room to adjust for bottom shroud bolt where it fastens onto the radiator.

Without the adjustment room, you would probably have to make some modifications to the shroud. Just enlarge the top hole and bottom front hole a bit and it should work.


Damper?! I don't NEED no stinkin' damper - I have insurance!!!

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