Starting problem after carb re-build - help!

I'm hoping someone here can help with a starting problem I am having. As part of a general overhaul project (wheel bearings, suspension linkage repack, etc.) I decided to do a carb re-build and have had trouble starting the bike since. Just to clarify, I did the following:

- New 172 main jet

- New 68s slow jet

- New B53e needle on 3rd clip

- New needle jet seat (oriented the correct way)

- New HRC carb boot (the fully opened boot)

- Replaced all those crappy phillips screws with allen head screws

- The bike already has the HRC exhaust tip on it

Followed the instructions from web site and had no problems during the rebuild (and no "spare parts"). Also, the carb insides where very clean and I found no varnish or crud at all (and I did use carb cleaner on the slide, as recommended). However, I can't start the bike now and I'm wondering if I am doing anything wrong. Couple questions:

  • Does the slow jet screw all the way in until tight? I thought so and that's what I did.
  • Is the position of the nut on the needle holder an exact science? I noticed when I took it apart to replace the needle seat the nut moved about 1/4 turn. I re-installed as close as I could guess to original but it might be off 1/4 turn from original. Is there a specific setting for this?
  • I set the fuel screw (on the lower RH side) to 2.5 turns out from all in? Could this be an issue? I had gathered from reading here that this was the "typical" setting for uncorked.
  • I have tried playing with the idle screw to no avail; is there a standard setting from all in (or out) I should reset to?

The bike kicks over and tries to start but doesn't get to idle. There is gas in the tank and in the float bowl (it floods if I try for 2 long). I have emptied the bowl once and re-started the procedure with no luck. I haven't yet pulled the pkug but the bike started fine before this change.

Any help is appreciated! Cheers....Mike

Try a new spark plug, Make sure your idle is turned up.........

Let us know what you find out..... :naughty:

The idle is one of the questions I had; I cant recall which way is idle up adn without removing my desert tank I can't see the carb to know. Is it righty-tighty (faster idle) or the other way? Worst case, I'll get the tools out again tonight to find out.

You didn't leave the choke on did you?

Turn the idle up - yes right tight left loose

If this all fails reset the float level they are notorius for being set too high letting too much fuel into the bowl thus flooding the bike. Do not use Hondas float settings they are 2 mm too high for general trail and climbing.

Problem solved; a combination of idle set too low and the choke being on from the rebuild (and me not remembering it). I spent some time playing with settings to see the affect and quickly figured out the idle problem. It was all downhill once I could see the improvements. All is well, running great again.

Thanks for the assist and indulgence! :naughty:

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