supercharging possible????

I was wondering if a yzf450 can be supercharged, maybe by something like this

electric supercharger

I know there will be problems that i would run into (jetting, where to get the juice to run the compressor, etc...)

Think it is possible?

i know there is a turbo set up for the raptor.


that looks like a air mattress inflator with a airfilter :naughty: what happens when you get to about 9-10k rpm's and it sucks the impeller into the motor? i don't think it'll keep up the cfm's needed to maintain a 3lb boost :naughty:

I was wondering if a yzf450 can be supercharged... by something like this

electric supercharger

:D:naughty::D:D:D:cry::D:D:p:p ROTFLMAO

:D eh, No. :naughty:

With a real supercharger, you could, but why?

supercharging is possiable.

If that really worked im sure thats where all the factory guys get there mad speedz yo!

it would be an engineering nightmare to add a crank pulley that somehow would turn an impeller on the intake side of the carb. A turbo setup would be much more effective and fun.

And it would add at least ten pounds, to say nothing of the bulk, and, once again, why?

For the guy who has everything except a boosted YZ. A Garret hair dryer, air to water intercooler and the sweet sound of the blowoff valve. Ahhhh..... music to my ears!!!!

It would be obvious suicide on a dirt bike, but I'd still like to see it.

Didn't you work for GM for 30+ years? I'm sure you've got to drive at least one juiced GN. Thats all it took for me to realize I like big freakin turbo's :naughty:

I was just wondering if this is a possibility. I was thinking more of an electric one that you can turn on and off. I took my 450 out to the dunes this weekend and still wanted more power. I am still stock but was thinking maybe skip all the exspensive exhaust and cams and go straight to the power horse.

Yes weight is an issue for the racers, but i dont race just mostly having fun at the dunes.

If these electric superchargers are meant for cars (which i think is horse crap) they have to at least make enough cfm for a motorcycle. Maybe ill order one just to see if it will work, i love beefing up things. just a thought


Don't waste your money, it won't work. An eletric fan that has a blowthrough design can never create boost...its impossible. Even if you added the crank pulley driven blower, most of these new bikes have 12:1 compression ratio, so you may be able to run 2-3lbs of boost on high octane fuel with water injection, but this may be a long shot. Also, you'll need to consider ignition timing, as the revs/boost increase, you'll need to back the timing way off to avoid detonation. If this post was a joke, I'll feel like a &%$#@!.

Now all we need is for the fuel injection guy to chime in.

Didn't you work for GM for 30+ years? I'm sure you've got to drive at least one juiced GN. Thats all it took for me to realize I like big freakin turbo's :naughty:
Did and did. And I own an ever so gently modified '92 Volvo 760 Turbo that I occasionally use to educate the local young folk. I even have some colorful tales to tell about a '73 Honda 750 4cyl sporting a windmill. Turbos are past cool for creating horsepower efficiently, but the systems are way to bulky and heavy to add to a dirt bike other than a sand dragster or hill climber, and the nature of the power produced is not really suitable for MX or off road, or even Super Moto, really. Besides, most of us can't really use much more than we have now.

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