Dirt Riders hurting our cause A few can screw it up for all of us

Read in the Sacramento Bee today an article regarding some dirt riders in Lassen National Park riding illegally on some enviro sensative areas "volcanic ash" areas. I am by no means an enviro wacko, however we do have to respect areas that are considered off limits to riding. By these 5 riders going in illegally and messing with this off limits land they do nothing but harm our right to ride in our forests, deserts etc. We still need to be considerate of these off limit areas so that we can have a leg to stand on when we have to fight for are true areas to ride. Our riding is in jeopardy enough. These guys make it worse. Please be aware of your riding areas so that we can continue to enjoy our sport in many years to come.


It is for this reason I don't get the paper or watch the news. For the thousands maybe even millions of OHV'ers doing it right and not getting squat except land closures. Five a-holes get major publicity.

A buddy wanted to ride an area that tons of people ride but is illegal and I had my 14 year with us, I told him no since this is what decision I would expect of my son. We drove another hour to ride and it was worth ever minute.




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Yep, some people refuse to care. Here in New Orleans, we have an area in a spillway that has areas set aside for bikes only along with areas set aside for 4-wheel drives, radio controlled hobbists, etc. I see the bike riders encroaching on these other areas often and eventually, the powers that be will come down hard on us all. I think many of these riders are only going to be riders for a short time and then go on to their next interest. They throw trash and glass beer bottles all over the area. It's very frustrating!

If it's close it's closed. Trails are always going to close. By riding closed trails they are just going to speed up the process. Here in NH there are rumors thet they may be opening some more trails to OHRV. If we are all good and play by the rules, maby more trails can be opened or created elsewhere.

Guys we all have the same reaction to things like this, we dont want others to ruin it for the rest of us. I also realize that this reaction is because we are on the defensive. Well organized groups are attacking our right to ride, since we are largely unorganized, and as a result we seem to agree to small concessions, like limiting our use of certain areas, first its a seasonal closure, then a permanent closure. And because of this we are on the defensive, this is completely wrong, we dont like it but often cant or dont put up the fight we need. I think we need to go on the offensive and demand more areas to open up. Just think if we where organized and made enough noise, we could get new lands opened up.We would then be in a position to say, we want areas increased by 20%, THEN WE WOULD BE IN A BETTER POSITION TO COMPROMISE AND SAY OK LETS INCREASE RIDING AREAS BY 15% TO THE GOV, AND ENVIROS. AS WE SIT NOW WE ARE ONLY IN A POSITION TO SAY PLEASE DONT CLOSE THAT MUCH AREA, HOW ABOUT HALF OF THAT.THE DIFFERENCE IS ONE OF POWER AND INFLUENCE. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU VOTED OR GAVE INPUT ON THE OPENING OF NEW RIDING AREAS. RIGHT EXACTLY, WE HAVE NOT HAD THAT OPPORTUNITY. WE HAVE ONLY BEEN REACTIONARY TO THE CLOSURES.


Pie: You make an excellent oratorial. The spillway area I described is much smaller than the area set aside for the 4-wheel drives. I would imagine that the mindset was bigger vehicles=bigger area. As far as getting the opportunity to vote or have an input into these decisions is concerned, it's not highly publicized that there is going to be a vote or a citizen's input meeting, so many riders aren't even aware that it's going on. I get the distinct impression that the public at large would rather see motorcycles be banned altogther. Your point about demanding a larger slice of the pie and then negotiating down and still have more than we did before is a good one. I would love to see another Boston Tea Party, but instead of tossing tea into the harbor, we should start with politicians who refuse to represent the will of the people.

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