Had one, getting another(rekluse)

For you guys that got one here is my question. I run a 16 oz flywheel wt on my 05 450. But I just ordered my rekluse. Do you think I need it any longer? I had a rekluse on my 02 250f and 03 450f. They both had flywheel wts also. Will I just be carrying around an extra pound or what?

I was running a 12oz and a z-start on my yz426 and could not get it from creeping. I remove the flywheel this year and the creeping disappeared. I have not had a chance get in any tight trails, but it seem to be better.

Remember the z-start adds like 6 oz, so with 16 oz flywheel you looking at 22 oz and that seems a bit much?

Thanks Dano, I shall remove the flywheel wt. Just the info I needed........for sell 1 used flywheel wt,lol 1 pounder!!!!!!thanks again

Did you keep your stock flywheel? Throw it on and see what you think.

I am wondering what it will be like in the mud and deep sand. I really like the flywheel, but the z-start makes it so much more fun to ride in the woods. I am thinking an 8 oz. and the z-start would be a great combo. If I can find one used I would probably get one. It is hard to pay $200 for only 8 oz??

Let us know what you decided


Dano I got the bolt on flywheel(cost about 100 bucks), so all I got to do is unbolt it and put my washer back on. Should take about 30 minutes. I think the 05 came with added wt any way on the flywheel. I race harescrambles here and Ive had it in some tight stuff so far. Im just wanting to go faster with less arm pump(clutch pump). I'l let you know after Sunday how it did.

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