yz50f ?

Does anyone know if Yamaha is making a yz50f? I would like to get something a little more high tech than a pw50 for my son.


I have only heard rumors about Yamaha coming out with a YZF125 to run in the 80 classes, nothing smaller than that. I am not sure if the market is there, those little Action, KTM, and Cobra 50's seem to have a good hold on it. Thing is those are 2-strokes which will be banned sometime soon, I would say alot of new 4-stroke models will be showing up in the next few years.

I would like to get him a 4 stroke yamaha but the smallest they make is the 90. Probably put him on a CRF50 this summer.


In the Arpil issue of Dirt Rider magazine it was stated that insiders say Yamaha is working on a YZ50F. No word on whether it'll be like the SDGs' or Pit Pros but supposedly there going for the minimoto genre. Also it was stated that Honda & Yamaha have been working 150f motocrossers to battle it out with the 85 2strokes but the two companies are having trouble generating competitive horsepower. For the record 85 2strokes are making between 16-18hp. A ttr 125 with a big bore kit (150) is only pulling between 10-12. Good luck on whatever you go with and remember kids grow quick!

I can't wait until a 150F is in the market. Think about how hard it is for a beginner on an 85?! Those things pack a punch, and it's all in the hit. A 4 stroke with that chasis will sell like mad. The first one to the punch will sell all of them.

I agree strongly. The only kind of fourstroke from a suspension standpoint and engine/tranny standpoint that can compete is a complete mini works bike from bbr $7000-8000!!!! Now we are talking trick YZ450F money whew!

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