Man I need some advice

I'm going to Baja for my annual 700 mile ride. We go unguided with no chase vehicles, so it is a real adventure. Problem is last year I took a Wr450 and it did great. Could have used another gear. But otherwise no flats, no issues. And we haul. Anyways this year the only large bore (2 other 250f's) I have is my 05 YZ450. I use this bike for racing, so I take good care of it. I hate to beat this bike up, on top of the gearing issue. Last year both my rims and header were toast. Add that and the fact that it will need a topend rebuild and the suspension (enzo) tuned back up. It adds up. Should I spring for a KTM 525EXC or MXC for this type of thing? I could probably sell one of my 250's.

525 EXC in the Baja :naughty:

Or perhaps an Xr650R for three grand less $$$. Use that as your Baja weapon.

I would go with a xr650r. Like Miguel159 said you should be able to find one pretty cheap.

Yeah, i'd get a different bike to the YZ...

Don't sell one of you 250s!!!! just go buy a newer used XR 600 or 650. Preferably the 600, since its so mechanically simple and DURABLE. It will run fine on Pemex too. :naughty:

Well I went and bought a WR450, just like last year!

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