Power Now

One of my mates bought a power now 'valve' for his wr250f, he was rather disappointed with the results. When I asked him why he even bothered to get one he replied that Dirt Action had put one on a CRF450 and got an extra 8hp in the low revs. He is under the impression that power now is really effective for big bore bikes, Has anybody tried it on an XR650R or know of how good the results are?


If you have a little craftsmanship in ya, it's very easy to make yourself for under $10. I gotta get to one of my sons sporting events right now, but I'll give you some more details tomorrow.

Cheers qadsan, I have been reading the old posts and you are always quick to help others! :naughty: Yeah my mate also said it would be easy to make one, all we need now is the dimensions. :naughty:


I don't seem have the exact data I was looking for anymore, but here's some links that will give you the basic idea on how to make one along with lots of other reading on this topic, dyno tests, etc. I don't believe this product will universally help all big bore bikes as a lot depends on the specifics of the bike. The extent to which it helps is another matter and I don't see a $100 of value in it, but somebody else might. Check out these links for more info and you'll quickly get the idea of how to make one for yourself if you have the time and drive to do so.






Cheers again Qadsan, Are you gonna try to make one? I'll give it a shot this weekend, Got nothing to lose it will only cost like $5 aus

I might make one someday, but its way down on my list of priorities and won't happen until late this year or next if I ever get around to it.

Thanks for the links, qadsan, I had been kicking around the idea of making one for my bike.............. :naughty:

I'm sure I have some scrap metal around to play with...........

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