'05 Decompression Plug

I went and rode a race this weekend and a friend who rides an '03 YZ 250f lost his decompression plug and a bunch of oil. I figured the first thing I'd do when I got home from work was to order a decompression plug from the TT store. No part is listed for the '05 WR, was this problem fixed by Yamaha or has no one made the part yet to fix it? I'd go look at my bike but I left it in the back of my toyhauler and it's at the storage yard.

Same part as the '04 and older. They changed the YFZ quad engine, but the bikes still use the same casting.

Thank you WheelsUp!!!! :naughty:

hey Seabass, check your bike first..... I have an '05 wr450 and on my engine the shape is the same but there is no plug. It is casted over, all metal, hole is gone.... I was gonna buy one for my bike too and went downstairs to look at the hole and was surprised to see that it didn't exist. There was a thread on it started by the Thumpertalk people to see if the new WR's needed to be listed in the store or not.


Same here.

You'll find the machining option for the 05WR's were omitted :naughty:

Why machine it open just to have to plug the hole :naughty:

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