WR 4xx vs WR 400 for Reliability

Looking for help deciding, I'm debating on an XR 400 vs WR 400 , 426. I mostly want a bike I can depend on for many years to come w/o much headache or hastle, the WR or YZ sound nice for performance but I don't know much on their or even yamaha's overall reliability. Please help w/ any info, Jon

Longevity of the bikes are similar, but the WR will need more frequent oil changes and valve checks.

I'd say the WR will require slightly more maintenance, but the performance gains over the XR are well worth it IMO.

The WR is a damn reliable bike, just change the oil and check the valves often.

I own both rigs. I would buy the WR over the XR any day of the week. The XR is a quality rig that is truly bullet proof but the performance gains on the WR blow the XR away. I am NOT a mechanic but the WR just needs oil changes and a valve check every now and then. Get the blue bike. I bought the XR rode it 4 or 5 times then I bought the WR. If you want to buy my XR 400 I will sell it for 3k. It is a 2003 model with very low miles.

The late 400's and the 426 have some engine changes that made them a bit more reliable (bigger clutch, larger wrist pin, etc). I've owned all three generations of 4xx and they have been rock solid reliable.

I HAD an XR400, still have a WR400 in the garage, and mostly ride a WR450. Reliability for all three is outstanding, but after riding the Yamahas I'll never willingly throw a leg over an XR again. FWIW, I think the WR400 is the most reliable of the three bikes. Its only needed one valve adjustment in 8000+ miles, thats it, nothing has broken or fallen off. A buddy of mine had a WR426 which neither of us liked as well as the WR400, but thats probably a matter of personal taste. Ride both of the Yamahas and decide which you like the best!

I own an XR400R and a WR400F, they are both great bikes so I say get both if you can afford to. Also check this TT post...


If you can only afford one consider the maintenance cost over time and the type of riding you do.

If you are trail riding with friends on 250cc 4 strokes get the XR. If you want more performance to be competitive against 2 strokes 250's get the WR.

As far as maintenance goes remember that to adjust the WR valves you need to pull off the upper engine mount, valve cover, cams and put shims ($5 each) under the lifters then reassemble (make sure you don't drop any small parts down the cam chain opening). You need to do all but remove the cams just to check the WR valve clearance.

On the other hand with the XR you only need to unscrew the valve adjuster cap and with a 10mm wrench and flat screw driver you adjust the tappet screw and you are done. To check the Honda valve Clarence I just listen for a "clicking" sound from top end, that tells me its time to adjust (if you are good with oil and air filter changes you should not need to adjust for a long time).

Also remember that the WR has a more sophisticated carburetor that is very sensitive to jetting, the Honda has a simple carb that seems to be more forgiving. I was riding my XR and the fuel screw fell out and stalled the bike, remembering a past post on TT where a guy put his finger over the screw hole I stuffed a gum wrapper into the hole and rode like that for a few hours with out any difference in performance. I still have a mid range sputter in my Yamaha due to jetting adjustment.

Bottom line is the Yamaha is more potent but more needy, The Honda is simple and easy to maintain and adjust but it is slower and heavier.

I totally agree with Yamahondaha.

Look at my sig.

The yamahas by their nature of performance require a bit more TLC than the XR line.

The XR are gas and forget about em bikes.....but they are heavier, slower and much more docile. Which is okay on long non technical trailrides. I always use my XR for 100+ rides.

The YZF gives you such an earthshattering thrill though. You just have to be more religious about maintenance.

The WR falls inbetween them.

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