450f setup for taller riders

I've recently picked up an '04 YZ 450 and I love it! :naughty: Being a taller rider 6'2" I'm looking for the best setup. I've already picked up a taller SDG saddle and now I'm eying an aftermarket upper clamp. Which clamp should I look at and any suggestions on a taller bar bend?

I'm 6' 215 lbs. I haven't got the seat, but feel you've made a good choice. I use the Pro-Taper SE bars in the CR High bend. As far as clamps go, Anything rubber mounted will be a huge improvement to eliminate any buzz or viberation transfer. I went with the Pro-Taper rubber mounted ones also. I think theirs quite a few here that like the CR High bend bars ,but I could be wrong?

They have a cr double high as well a couple name bends like, buttons windham and pastrana that are higher. You can also look into lowering your pegs.

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