just installed the new fmf factory 4.1!

Hello all,

It seems like I'm one of the first to install a new factory 4.1 on my 04 450f.

I've only started the bike a couple of times to check for leaks but I can tell you that throttle response is faster and it's louder with the trottle really opened up. At idle and with little blurps it's not too bad for a much shorter unit.

I'll be able to give a full ride report next week. BTW it's the slip on annodized set up.

im not a big fan of fmf but the new 4.1 looks like a trick exhaust.

have u got any pics?

I have the full Ti4 with a Power Bomb header and a 17" can. It works great, not too loud. I like it a lot.

I'll have pics soon and a ride report also. To me the 4.1 looks much shorter than anything else out right now. It also has a solid mount and the end cap is sweet looking. :naughty:

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