YZ 450F for tall rider

Hey guys. I'm just getting back into riding after about 10 yrs. I'm 6'4" and 200lbs. I was wondering if the YZF is my best choice and if there are enough modes to make the bike fit my height. I'm not going to race, but will ride the dunes, tracks, and mountains. Is there a better riding option?

I am 6'1" and 218 lbs and I own a 2005 yz450f. My knees come up a little but overall the bike feels like it fits me well. I run 100mm of sag and it puts the bike at just the right level for me. I do wish I could lower the pegs a little to bring my knees down. My advice is to sit on the different bikes out there and see which one feels the best, although you can't beat yamaha's reliability and craftsmanship. Hope this helps. Matt

I am a shorty myself, but know a lot of taller guys prefer the yzf, it feels tall to sit on compared to CRF and RMZ. :naughty:

Taller seat foams and taller complete seats are sold to help with this.

I'd go with a tall seat, taller flatter handlebar (Windham or Pastrana bends are nice) to start with. Maybe think about an aftermarket upper triple clamp that allows the bars to be moved forward. Also the stock pegs can be altered to lower them somewhat also (I haven't done the the peg mod). Once you tune in the ergos on your bike it really makes riding much more fun. Those types of mods are the first thing I do on every bike even before suspension work or pipes/motor mods.

It can be really hard to tell how a bike will fit in the shop, many come with crap bars and the controls often are set up poorly.

The YZF can be made to fit big guys really well, but then again so can most of the big bikes.

Definitely do a tall seat foam, I have been kicking myself for not getting one years ago. Tall bars are a must, which ones is a personal thing. I have always like the Renthal Jimmy Button bend, they are about as tall as they come, but they only come in 7/8" diameter. Like mentioned above a top clamp to move the bars forward would be next. Another thing that I really like is a hammerhead shifter tip to lengthen the shifter so my big feet fit under it better.

Last but not definitely not least you should make sure the bike is sprung for you, I'm guessing you should probably go up a bit in spring rate. I'm sure you can find some good info here on how to set your sag etc.

Plenty of room here, I'm 6'2" and use the Button bend on my 04 yzf450. My previous bike, an 00 cr250 I needed Button's a high seat foam and the 125 handle bar mounts mounted in the fwd position b4 I felt I had enough room on the bike.

My son is 6'2" (and he just turned 15 :naughty: ), and doesn't have any trouble with his 250F, although he has pushed the bars forward pretty far. Then again, he grew his last 6" on that bike, so he's had a better chance to adapt.

Still, I think I'll need to lower the pegs and set him up with a top clamp if we keep the bike much longer. He's thinking of moving up, but we haven't decided to what.

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