BRP is so damn thirsty

hey guys I have an uncorked 650R and it is geared pretty low to speed about 145kmph (87mph) and im only gettin about 80km (48miles) till reserve from what I have read this doesn't sound right, plus this is road riding. My guess is gearing but would that have increased my fuel consumption that much?

My MPG varies a lot depending on my riding and gearing. If I'm riding agressive and spending a lot of time in the lower gears, then I'll get ~20 MPG or sometimes even less. For most of my riding, I believe I get ~25 to ~30 MPG, but I can get closer to 35+ MPG if my gearing is changed and I'm more steady on the throttle and cruising a lot. I haven't accurately check my MPG for a couple years, but I can usually get ~65 to ~75 miles on my IMS 3.2 gallon fuel tank before hitting reserve and get 100+ miles including reserve from this fuel tank if I'm careful.

You need a big tank. I have an IMS 4.6 gal tank and get around 120 to 150 miles out of it before it goes on reserve. On the stock tank I could get 50 or 60 miles out of it before it went on reserve. The pig is a thirsty beast.

Anyone know how big the stock tank is? I hit reserve at about 6L and could have sworn it said it had a 4L reserve. I ran it dry on the way into work (had to push a few blocks to the gas station) today and it only took 8.5L

I think its 2.3 gallons or about 8.8L


What gearing are you using I run 14/46 and on the road std tank get 100/120k`s before reserve,On the trails it`s about90/100k`s depending on how narley the terrain.Is the bike uncorked,mines setup with 172 main 68s pilot Rush aircleaner and HRC exhaust tip.

Steve B

I was too lazy too check yesterday, When I change the gearing this weekend I'll tell you. I'm pretty sure it's real low, the problem is I like the gear just want better economy and slightly lower evs at high speed. You can't have both:(

I did 65 miles on trails the other day till i hit reserve, I never even leaned it over to get all the gas from the left side, Just switched to reserve and started it again and rode to the truck................ :naughty:

Thats with the stock tank, Havent used the 4.3 Clarke tank yet....

Running 13/48 I got 53 miles out of the stocker (mostly tight trails)

running 13/50 I was out of gas at 51 miles (again 2nd gear stuff)

looking forward to the range with the clarke 4.3 that I have yet to run as well- especially with the new combo 13/52 - that'll keep the front end light :naughty:

13/52 seems awful low there cam, I'm running 14/50 and thats as low as i need, I ride tite trails.......... :naughty:

With stock gearing and uncorked...I pretty consistently get about 60-65 miles of trail riding (semi-aggressive) before Reserve.

I just put on the IMS 4.6 so we'll see what happens next least it won't be because of me that everyone has to stop riding to find a gas station now! :naughty:

I usually run my stock tank for all normal rides, which is fine for jaunts out of camp, at 50 or so miles. When I plan on big rides I through on my dez 4.6 IMS tank. This way I don't have to deal with the extra weight and width around the tank. Plus the swap only takes 15 mins so not a big deal. A good compromise would be an IMS 3.2.

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