05 WR450 Breather Hose

Ok.....So I pick my bike up last Friday... :naughty: ...However, can't ride it cause we went out of town for the weekend... :naughty: ...Yesterday, I have a couple hours to kill, so I figured I would take care of the free mods...Got the grey wire cut...Didn't see the snorkel everyone is talking about, but I did cut the two holea in the right side of the air box...Dealer took care of the throttle screw for me..Now to the breather hose...

After more researching out here (and the Internet) and staring at the bike, I can't see the hose everyone talks about. I look back at the air box, and there is a black hose already running into it. I follow it around, and it leads up under the fuel tank. Now to my question.....

Does the '05 already have the breather hose ran into the airbox? Am I looking at the wrong hose? I would like to post a pic of it, but my digi camera is shot...



To the best of my knowledge Yamaha fixed this flaw for the 05 and routed the hose to the airbox.

Thanks.....One less thing to mod.....


Be careful when washing your bike!!!! Yamaha put the hose in the bottom of the airbox, so it is extremely easy to suck water into your oil after washing it. Lowedog machined an aluminum elbow that snaps into place eliminating this flaw if interested. :naughty:

Is he looking at making more for sale???

Don't stop there...explain?

What's the location of the elbow?

Why does it benefit the water problem?



He machined this little part to simply snap into the hole for the breather tube. A little silicone and the opening for the breather is raised about an inch. Doubtfull that enough water from washing would get into the airbox to reach the top of the hole.



Bum link man...

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