come on ....have a go

You have two fuses. Each burns for 60 minutes.(Thats 120 for both).

The fuses burn at totally random rates, so for example cutting one in half wont give you 30 minutes.

using ONLY the two fuses and a means to light them, you have to time 45 minutes.

if youre interested ill give the answer tomorrow

What the…? :)


Simultaneously light first at both ends and second at one end. When first burns up light other end of second. When second is done 45 minutes is up.


now time 15 minutes using one fuse

15 minutes with one fuse...

Simultaneously light one fuse at both ends and in middle. It should take 15 minutes for the last portion to burn if it is burning at a random rate.

and when youve done that.....

there are for people on one side of a bridge.

person 1 takes 10 minutes to cross, person 2 takes 5 minutes, person 3 takes 2 minutes and person 4 takes 1 minute

its dark, so they have to carry a torch, but they can only cross 2 at a time.

Any persons crossing the bridge must have the torch.

get all the people across in 17 minutes

buzz off

why don't you make yourself useful and fix Fred's plug fouling problem?

i will only volunteer to figure your fuse problem if you hold the M-80 it's attached to in your hand till the 15 minutes is up

there is a street with 100 street lamps. Each lamp has an on/off switch and all are switched off.

At the start of the street are 100 people. person 1's job is to go to every switch and switch it to its opposite position.

Person 2 set off and switches every second switch to its oppsite position. person 3 swtiches every third switch to its opposite position and so on.

What is the pattern of light that are on after the 100th person has been.

no paper allowed...this question was asked to me at my job inerview

sorry if im not as thick as you dorf.

does it scare you talking to someone of average intelligence??

i knew you were a brit

i've seen three of you who couldn't figure out how to use a message board



Puzzler: who cares?

Puzzler + his postings = LOSER!

is it presumptuous to think that Mr 1-minute can go over AND back in his one minute?


Send 1 & 2 over....2 minutes

Send 2 back........4 minutes

Send 5 & 10 over...14 minutes

Send 1 back........15 minutes

Send 1 & 2 over....17 minutes



-the 5 and 10 minute guys cross together and let a faster 1 or 2 minute person bring the torch back for the last.

-If the fuse burns at 1 end it takes 60 minutes

-burn at 2 ends takes 30 (60/2)

-start burning on the ends and start it in the middle, and keep restarting to keep 4 flames going will take 15 minutes. (60/4)

-6 flames at a time takes 10 minutes (60/6)

-8 flames at a time takes 7.5 minutes (60/8)

I'm still wondering about Fred's plug fouling.

And my all time favorite…

You and two fellow riders (Howard Huge and Mike from Silicone Valley) arrive at the Comfort Inn in Woodland Park and attempt to rent some rooms. The clerk claims only one room is remaining at the rate of $30/night. You each chip in $10 and head for much needed slumber. After determining that Howard and Mike are OK in sharing one of the only two beds, you all turn in.

Meanwhile, the front desk clerk is feeling guilty about charging you guys $30 for a room that normally goes for $25 so he summons the bellboy. He gives the bellboy five one-dollar bills with the instructions to return the money to the three of you.

While walking to the room, the bellboy frets over the fact that five is not divisible by three. He decides the easiest thing to do is stick two dollars in his pocket. Upon arriving at the room, the bellboy explains the overcharge mistake and returns one dollar to each of you.

The question is this: Each of you paid $10 and was given $1 in return for a net of $9 each. Right? $9 multiplied by the 3 of you equals $27 – Correct? Adding the $2 in the bellboy’s pocket gives a total of $29 –

Where did the other dollar go? :)

If Fred carries a torch with him ....could he hold the fouled plug in the torch flame and "unfoul" the plug? :)


I'm crying I'm laughing so hard...... Tell me all the beds aren't singles...... Oh and by the way it's silicon (melted sand) not silicone (fake breasts)....... :)

OW! me have hedake, me no like kwestion. me watch cartunes now.

Duh! This sounds like politician math to me. The three dudes payed $25 for the room plus the $2 stolen by the bell hop. total of $27 or $9 each.

O.K. There's this guy he goes to Moab bringing two bikes. His main bike and a backup bike. There are roughly 200million rocks in Moab. How many days does it take him to break both bikes? Bonus question name the make and model of each bike. :)

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