come on ....have a go

i've remembered this one 22 years so i hope i've got it right. it isn't a maths question though;

a square concrete island has a bag full of loot on it. around the island is a ten foot wide moat full of crocs. it has square corners does this moat. the mainland is where you are & all you've got are two 8 feet planks.

i think you'll find this one sooo easy!


Think TTTTTTTTTT like in TTalk,


When the clerk refunded the $5, this brought the amount paid to $25. The bellhop gave $3 back to the guest bringing the total to $27 paid by the guests. The $2 pocketed by the bellhop is SUBTRACTED from the $27, not ADDED, and that brings you to the $25. Everything is accounted for.. :)

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Taffy- you're right, too easy. Lay one of the 8ft boards across the corner, then lay the other 8ft board on it to the corner of the concrete island. Piss on the crocks on the way over. -- Mark M in KY

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