Johnny Campbell's 650 - Awesome Dust To Glory Site

Cool site, Thanks for the connection..... :naughty:

thanks alot that site is awesome.

should put it in the general forum, any one can do it, i allways mees those link things up...

A STOCK SKID PLATE!!!!!! por why :naughty:

Ride on.... :naughty:

Cool site, I saw the movie last night, pretty damn good. Gives a good perspective of the race etc.....

Dust to Glory sure ruins Hondas claim to "never cheat, no way, no how." But then winning in Baja isn't always about the guy that goes the fastest. Steny

Welcome to professional racing.

Nothing new with Campbell or cheating except that he made the mistake of having it filmed so a national adiuence could see it.Been going on long before I started racing Baja (81) and even longer since my first Baja race I went to (71). Makes for awesome film though, watching him try twice to go around the bike ahead, taking that beach route and still not passing him. Shows what spending loads of time before the race will and can show you in the way of short cuts. Steny

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