Who makes a non handlebar mouted hotstart

My hotstart knob on my 2000 426 is a little crooked. I have the Dr. D remote hot start gadget, but dont really like it. Does anyone make a nice replacement for the stocker thats still carb mounted. I cant find anything.....


Only Yamaha.

Only Yamaha.

Figures.... thanks for answering grayracer.

Anyone got one to sell?

I'll swap you my stock hot start for your Dr D..I was gonna buy one but if you wanna swap Ill do that too

Well.... I do appreciate the offer, but I'll pony up the $15 for a new one.

Anyway, I lied. I have the Zip Ty one (http://zipty.etc.net/images/1829HSSibike-sm.jpg) not the Dr. D. I'll be glad to sell it though. $50 and its yours almost brand new

Naw thanks but I'll pass on the zip ty....Not too crazy about that system, I like it cable operated..

I'm not real crazy about it either. I could never tell if it was open or closed, I'd have to pull the little foam filter out and verify it was in the off position.

I was actually wondering why you said you werent crazy bout the drd until you mentioned it was a zip ty. its on the wrong side and not very precise

You will however hate the carb mounted system after the 3rd time you have to use it - don't waste the 15 bucks. Everytime you stall or need to use it, it will be a pain in the butt to get to especially on some hill if you woods ride! Buy the DRD set up. It works great and is a hell of lot easier to deal with, than reaching for the carb. :naughty:

you can have my stock one I have several.......

Yeah.... I've considered the Dr. D, but I'm old school and dont like a cluttered cockpit.

I'd surely be interested in a hotstart for a 00' 426, got one for that bike?

BrandonV- the Dr. D kit actually installs really clean and looks almost stock when you are done. I don't think you'd be disappointed with it one bit. I'm super happy with mine, especially since I got it for $60 brand new :naughty: The only drawback is having to remove it when you want to remove the carb. I still have my stock hot start button out in my shed... it's yours if you want it, just PM me your address :naughty:

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