Edlebrook (XR650L) idle question

Just got my Edlebrook carb and installed it in about 2 hours :naughty: . Runs clean up and down the RPM band, but the idle seems to be erratic. Is there a way to adjust it :naughty: ? (I installed the long 6" idle adjuster but no matter how I adjust it it seems to idle too slow after a few seconds).

And second, the twist grip is slow to return to idle, is there an area I should be oiling or greasing to allow the twist throttle to easy open and snap closed, Thanks

For the slow return, make sure your throttle grip isn't pushed too far on or else the inside grip rubber may rub on the end of the bar, thus causing a slow return. Also make sure your cables aren't binding anywhere (i.e. throttle cable housing direction, or the cables binding where they enter the frame's cable loop retainer in front of the fuel tank, or getting pinched by the fuel tank bolt, etc). The throttle action should be fairly smooth and it should snap back from WOT.

As for the erratic idle, make sure your decomp cable isn't being stretched too much. Also make certain your have a good seal on the intake boot or else you'll be running lean, which can mean an erratic idle and or increased popping at high manifold vacuum (i.e. when riding under load at WOT and then chopping the throttle).

sounds lean...try 2 to a few clicks richer

if the push/pull cables are to tight it will be slow to retract. try putting a little bit of play in the cables.

When I installed my Edelbrock, I had the problem with a dragging throttle return. I narrowed it down to the white plastic guide inside the housing at the twist grip. It was rubbing heavily on the hub for the throttle tube. I assumed it was something that was just a little worn. I ground the inside of the white plastic guide a little, and that took care of it.


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