Went with Rekluse

Installed the Rekluse Z-start and installed the perch adjuster on my 05 yz450f. The install was very easy. Never thought I would ever use an auto clutch on a MX bike. This setup is great and from now on all my bikes will be having a z-start setup.

If anyone is thinking about going auto clutch and haven't made up your mind yet stop thinking about it and order one! :naughty: Its worth the money and makes the bike alot easier to ride now. My corner speeds really improved and lap times have got alot better. No Complaints here just :naughty:

Welcome to the Rekluse crowd. Just make sure you check the installed gap after the first couple of hours.

I love mine too!

I am saving for mine right now. I haven't read anything but good reviews about them and I could really use it on my 450 in the tight stuff. Any idiosyncricies (right spelling?) about the z-clutch or the install I should know about?

The only 2 negatives I can think of are, you cant push start it and IF you somehow kill it during a hillclimb it will freewheel back down. How you could kill it I dont know! Maybe run it out of gas. They are all very similar though I like the simplicity and adjustabilty of the Rekluse best. Skip the perch adjuster unless you are a clutch abuser and go with the rear hand brake.

I'm glad I went with the perch adjuster cause it really makes finding neutral alot easier,plus you can override the autoclutch if you want to. I don't know if I would like the rear brake being on the handle bars. That would take alot of getting use to. Do you still leave the foot brake in place and use it if you wanted to?

I haven't been reading up and learning about these z-start auto clutches until now and the concept sounds very cool. However, I see this as a beneficial part for trail riders but how about on the motocross tracks? Are you able to use the z-start for motocross or do you override the system using the manual shift? I figured out the concept of how it eliminates the rider having to clutch in tight sections and corners but what are the other benefits? I've heard you can now start the bike in gear? Also, how would the z-start work on the starting gate? I'm guessing it would work like a stall converter and wouldn't grab until it has reached a certain rpm, kind of like a snowmobile correct? If that's the case, this should be a wicked weapon for getting holeshots.. correct?

are they hard to install? are they only a benefit on the trails or the track too?

The Z-start works great either way on the start gate. Sometimes I use the override but mostly the just let the auto do the work. I find it very helpful on both trail and mx. You can go into the corners really hard and not worry about stalling anymore if you have everything set like it should be.

They are very easy to install. Just read the instructions a couple of times before you even start. Pay close attention to the install gap and if you use the perch adjuster watch the cable play. After couple hours on it re check your install gap.. I'm all :naughty: since the install....

I rode my ole 250f down at Splendora Texas its a pretty cool mx track. Now I never have been able to jump. But I had about 5 guys watching me corner....... One guy waved me down and asked how I was cornering so good. I let him ride it.....he knew then,lol. But for awhile they thought I was just good. I think it was the 1st time they has seen one b4. That was about 2 years ago. hey make the gen 3 which is a far better product than the one I had which was a gen 2. But I just put another one back in today on my 05 450f

are they hard to install? are they only a benefit on the trails or the track too?

:naughty::D:naughty::D That avatar is turning me on...

Welcome to the church of rekluse :naughty:

As stated check the install gap after a good ride the first time out.

do you shift a llot less with the auto clutch since it will not stall. I have a bad left ankle and foot and shifting is very hard, this may be the ticket

I don't know about the shifting less but you don't have to worry about the clutch when u go into a tight turn. If your in a higher gear and come out of a turn and not down shift it will do fine, but thats hard on the clutch assem.

If you're a trail rider, I highly advise the left lever/right foot rear brake system. There are 2 situations where it is invaluable:

1) Not making it to the top of a hill, the left hand rear brake enables you to put your feet down, and not roll backwards (remember, you can't stall the bike and use engine compression to slow your backward descent).

2) Going down very steep, technical trails, once again, your feet are free to plant when and where needed.

When I do the local hill climbs if I can't make it I just lay it over and don't even try to keep it up or use the rear brake. Trying to save it will only get you into more trouble.

timatnorcal..I do see your point and if your not use to climbing hills it might be best for a person to get the hand brake. There is good things to it and bad things to anything you do to your bikes..

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